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    Great Site with all known OFFICIAL WEBCLIPS
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    Restore Erase Webclip Icons?

    Probably a dumb question but would a restore erase all Webclips I've put on my home screen? Might be best to make a folder of all icons I've used and save to a folder on my Macbook in case I have to upload to one of those Webclip Creating Sites again.
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    Webclip Creating Sites

    Wondering if it is dangerous to use those sites? or ? If you upload the image to them and put in the URL, they create a webclip for you when you access their site on your iPhone. I think it is basically a redirect. Is this a risky thing for the user? Thanks so much for...
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    weather/map apps not loading?

    I have a Jailbroke 1.1.2 and everything seemed fine including Summerboard and Task Notifier and Apollo. For some reason, Weather Update always Fails and Maps doesn't load anything. I've done the reset with Power/Home buttons. Is there a fix for this? Is anyone having the same issue...
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    POST 1.1.2 compatible apps here!

    Can we post all APPS that are compatible with a Jailbreaked 1.1.2? I know there are issues people are having with Summerboard and there are many APPS that were 1.1.1 ready but now it's seeming too risky to try them out. A list would help. Thanks!
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    Apple Web Apps Site Is Now Live!
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    The Apple Store is DOWN??

    It's 11:24pm on the West Coast and The Apple Store is down...hmmmmm....
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    For some reason, the SEND TO WEB GALLERY button will only appear when my .Mac account is set up as an IMAP account. I'd rather keep the accounts set up as POP. But then the button disappears. Is there a workaround for this? I like being able to get mail on my iPhone and then also retrieve it...
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    Possible fix for SEND TO WEB GALLERY button?

    Was wondering if anyone might have the answer to this... I have my .Mac e-mail accounts set up as POP Accounts rather than IMAP. Read about a possibility being that it must be set to IMAP for the SEND TO WEB GALLERY button to appear on the iPhone. I'm afraid to try it out because I...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    Swear To G*d, An Update! I just clicked and it is installing VERSION 1.0.1 ! I SWEAR! I was too excited to read what was included in the UPDATE. I know it said something about it 'superceding all others' or whatever and something about a BUG FIX but can someone take a screenshot of it...
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    Password Question

    The feature to PASSWORD LOCK your iPhone...I only use it sometimes, very rarely. I was wondering, if someone ended up setting a password on MY iPhone, how would I change it? Or unlock the iPhone? Obviously this is assuming they don't remember what they typed because they were messing around...
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    Everything I Expected....

    I love this forum and I love going to other iPhone related forums as well. They've been extremely informative and a lot of fun. I just wanted to post that I absolutely LOVE my iPhone. I watched the KEYNOTE in awe at the beginning of the year. I looked forward to June ever since. I waited in...
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    Clear Previous Internet Pages?

    Say I go to and then I go to and then, even after I clear HISTORY, CACHE and COOKIES there is STILL a BACK ARROW which will show previous pages. Is there any way to clear these without having to RESTART the iPhone?
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    Saving Picture Attachments

    Is there a way to save a photo received in an e-mail to the iPhone? Thanks!
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    Keypad tones?

    Is it possible to make the key punches audible? For example, when punching in your pass code to check a voicemail box, etc.? Thanks!
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    FIRST REVIEW from NY POST DON'T GET 'HUNG UP' ON BUYING AN iPhone HARD 'CELL': Apple CEO Steve Jobs is banking on the new iPhone to fly off shelves come Friday. June 26, 2007 -- TENS of...
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    Regarding "kolizion"

    Did anyone take the time to GOOGLE: "KOLIZION" "MINNESOTA" ? I did. It returns quite a few listings. He definitely lives there and is on posts and Subaru Club-type sites among other things. AND he doesn't seem to have any trouble with his spelling on those forums. I admit...