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  1. z28black98

    any txt messaging app that will let me txt from US to puerto rico for free?

    I did a search, couldnt find exactly what I was looking for. AT&T wants to charge 20 cents per txt message sent and received. Not trying to give them anymore of my money. Any apps out there that let me bypass that? Thanks
  2. z28black98

    Orders from AT&T not requiring a signature?

    Ordered through AT&, fedex guy just rang bell and was back in his truck before I could even answer the door. Is this true for all AT&T orders? Hopefully this will calm some nerves of people who are trying to wait around because they think it requires a sig.
  3. z28black98

    any places selling cases early?

    Went to BB last night because I read on here somewhere that they were selling iPhone4 cases, didn't have any out, people in mobile were really busy so I left it at that. Will Apple or anyone else be selling cases today? I am not activating mine until I get a case and a screen protector!
  4. z28black98

    Fedex tracking screwed up?

    Fedex tracking screwed up? EDIT: FedEx just delivered! woohoo! Am I missing something here? How can it arrived in Fort Worth, then depart and arrive back at Ft Worth? EDIT: Not 20 min after I posted this...saw fedex truck backing into the driveway...sure enough its in my hands now...
  5. z28black98

    Fedex WONT leave at door even with signature waiver form?

    I work at the airport, and just dropped off a box at Fedex....I asked the lady about a signature waiver form, and she said "is it about next Thur and the new iPhone?" I said why yes it is, she said they were instructed not to leave it at the door even with a signature waiver form.....she said if...
  6. z28black98

    Free calls on your iPhone via WiFi I found this on another forum that I read and was curious to see if anyone has heard/tried it here. If it does indeed work, that is pretty interesting. The guy that originally posted it on the other forum said he was going to try it and never did respond back.
  7. z28black98

    Direct Fulfillment question

    I ordered an 8gb black this morning, said it will take 10-20 days. They didn't even offer me express shipping. Anyway to call and get that changed or am I stuck with 10-20days? I was hoping it would be here sooner, so I could sell my unlocked V1 on ebay to pay for this one. Thanks
  8. z28black98

    difference between pwned and ziPhone

    I am currently running 1.1.1 and wanting to upgrade to 1.1.3 or 4. I already have my iPhone jailbroken and I know I will have to jailbreak again once I upgrade. What (if any) are the major differences between ziPhone and pwned? which is easier to use? thanks for the help guys.
  9. z28black98

    voicemail question.

    I have had my iPhone since last sept but have yet to encounter this. I had a message that I have had since 03-25 that I wanted to keep. It is no longer on there however and not in my deleted messages. Do voicemail messages only last for a certain amount of time? A month? if so, that is pretty...
  10. z28black98

    please recommend a Bluetooth earpiece

    I am interested in an earpiece that will work with both my iPhone and also my ps3. Any recommendations? ones to avoid? Thank You!
  11. z28black98

    ERROR: package download failed, cant find host

    I keep getting this message when trying to update the 6 apps that are available to update. It has been saying this for a week now, I figured it would correct itself after a day or so, with maybe a problem on their end. I am using installer 3.0. My iPhone version is 1.1.1 (3a109a) if that...
  12. z28black98

    1.1.1 and Customize

    I just upgraded to 1.1.1 last night and installed all my apps through installer. The only thing I have an issue with is now I must scroll to the left like in the weather to see the rest of my icons instead of scrolling down. Anyway to change that or am I stuck with it for 1.1.1? Thanks for...
  13. z28black98

    so what video file types can you convert?

    I am trying to convert some video files (.wmv) to view on my iPhone. I tried using roxio media creator but that doesn't work. It seems the only files I can drag into iTunes are mpg files, which iTunes can convert into a file that can be viewed on my iPhone. So what file types does the iPhone...
  14. z28black98

    Deleting numbers from missed call list

    Just purchased my iPhone last saturday, but for the life of me cant figure out how to just delete certain numbers off my missed calls list. I know I can hit the clear button on the top right corner, but it then prompts me if I want to delete all of them, and I don't. Any help?