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  1. miked91893

    Using two passwords for Apple ID

    Hi. I had to reset my password for my Apple ID a while back. Now whenever I try to buy or update apps, it asks for my password (which is normal), but sometimes the new password doesn't work. I type the old one and BINGO! it works. Next time I type the old password in again and no dice. I...
  2. miked91893

    iPad stuck in Safe Mode Loop

    Just a heads up. My JB iPad was stuck in a SM loop and I found that the Fake Carrier 2.0.1-1 tweak causes the crash. If anyone is experiencing this problem, removing this tweak might solve it.
  3. miked91893

    iPhone 4 + iTunes = WiFi Killer

    Hi. I'm pretty sure this isn't an iPhone problem... Every time I connect my JB iPhone 4 to iTunes it kills my wifi connection to my PC, which leaves it frozen on the "beginning sync" phase. I have to "reset" my wireless network card every time. When I sync my JB iPad it works perfectly...
  4. miked91893

    Greenpois0n 4.2.1 JB iPhone 4 Frozen after phone calls

    I recently JB my iPhone 4 w/greenpois0n rc5 on 4.2.1 firmware and restored all apps/tweaks with pkgbackup from cydia. Now when I make or receive phone calls, it freezes up for about 30 sec then reboots itself into safe mode. Can anyone help? Thanks.