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    Do not disturb

    Happy new year to all iPhone users, do not disturb no longer works! Mine turned on at 12am like every night and decided it will no longer shut off at 7am. If you have it scheduled it will not shutoff at the time you set. Sent using iCafe app
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    Weird home screen issue

    Non jailbroken phone. Friend of mine is experiencing her home screen in reverse and upside down....any ideas how this could happen? Sent using iCafe app
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    Cellular Plus Feature....

    What happened to the Cellular Plus feature that was in all the betas? Was it removed for any particular reason? I was really looking forward to having that feature.
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    WiFi Sync with iOS 5 GM

    I installed iOS 5 GM and enabled wifi sync. It worked for a day or so now iTunes won't recognize it. Any ideas?
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    TV Out feature can someone explain

    Can someone please explain this feature to me....I'm curious, if I buy the HDMI adapter Apple sells and plug in the cable to my tv can i put anything i'm watching or doing on my iPad to my TV screen? IE) Pictures, videos, apps?
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    iPad 2 Jailbreak?

    Anyone hear anything about when this will come out? I know like a month ago it was being worked on but I haven't heard anything since 4.3.2 came out. I know they were able to jailbreak the iPad 2 on 4.3.1 (or maybe it was 4.3 can't remember)...either way I'm itching for it!
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    App store keeps showing 1 update

    Since I jailbroke 4.3.1 the app store keeps showing me I have 1 update but when I open the store it says all up to date. Wth?
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    iPad 2 cases

    Has anyone come across a case that you can use with the smart case?
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    Apple remote update

    Weird thing happening. The computer I have my iTunes on turns on when I open the remote app on my phone! I tried it 5x I shut down my computer open the app and my computer boots up. Is this a new feature?
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    iPad 2 Home button not flush?

    Is it just mine or is the home button "off" a little? I have the 16GB white wifi version and the home button is definitely not centered correctly......not happy about this!
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    Some ordering info for iPad 2

    I asked an online rep if we will be able to pre-order before friday, this was the response: Great question! At this time, there is no information regarding pre-orders for the iPad 2. They have told us, however, iPad 2 and related accessories will be available to purchase via the Apple Online...
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    Touch vs Zune HD

    I've been debating and fighting with myself for a month. I decided in the zune. Can anyone tell me why I may have made a mistake? I got the zune hd 32gb for 180 bucks. Seems like a pretty solid deal.
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    Folders in mail app

    Is there any way to create new folders in the mail app for a pop3 email account?
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    FM radio on 6th Generation

    I'm wondering if the FM radio actually works well.....I have a zune with an FM radio and I can never get reception unless I'm outside...can someone confirm for me that it actually works in doors and its not all full of static and useless. Thanks
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    Boxwave Keyboard Buddy

    Anyone thinking about getting one of these? I want a case/keyboard combo for my iPhone 4 pretty bad but I haven't been able to find a good one yet.
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    Custom ringtones.

    Does anyone know how to add custom ringtones to an iPhone 4? I have an .mp3 that I want to use as a ringtone but have no idea how to get it on my phone as one..?
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    Replace back and front plate

    Has anyone replaced the back and front plate on there 4? I'm not talking about professionally done but the ones you can buy for 10 bucks and do yourself. Just curious if anyone can suggest a site with a quality replacement....
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    Can I trick my phone to thinking it's on 4.1?

    Does anyone know if there is an app in cydia that can trick my iPhone 4 into thinking it's on 4.1?
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    Airplay and 4.2 Beta 1

    How come i don't see any option for Airplay anywhere in iTunes or youtube? What am i missing here? I've seen reports and pictures of people having the option in both of those programs but I just can't seem to find it............
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    4.2 beta 1 question (for devs)

    If i install 4.2 beta 1 on my ipad will i be able to downgrade back to current release after i'm done playing around with it? I'm not a dev but i have the file to install it....i just want to make sure i can go back if i want to before i install it. Thanks!