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    A New Jaw-Dropping Apple Product - iShades?

    After reading various articles and looking at ink blots (seeing what I want to see), here is my latest SWAP (Super wild-ass prognostication) The future (2008/9) for Apple may be via an "augmented reality" (AR) eye-phone. Let’s call them iShades.:2cool: Apple Insider hints at a “jaw-dropping...
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    We've been punked! Cisco owns iPhone It's not what any of us expected. The iPhone is a voip phone made by Linksys. Cisco, their parent company, has owned that trademark since 1996. And they're announcing their...
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    Onscreen touch-pad user-interface w iPhone?

    Onscreen touch-pad user-interface w iPhone? Calls of Note Part 5 - Broadcom has obtained a noteworthy design win in the upcoming “stealth phone,” about to be offered by a major consumer device company. So what is this design? A system on a chip (SoC)...
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    A good laugh ... Must see video - MS Vista did NOT rip-off Mac OSX

    Proof that Microsoft Vista did NOT ripoff Mac OSX Funny stuff … check out the David Pogue’s NYT video review of MS Vista vs. Mac OSX :tounge:
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    A new 40G AV iPod? See URL above for some of the best photoshop fakes I've seen ... Or are they real? Virtual touchscreen as been rumored. Is it here? Could very well be a hoax but it's a good one. ~ Danny B