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    iPhone screen cracked

    if i buy a new screen for the 123$ price, where should i go to have it installed? send it back to Apple? Apple store?
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    Uploading certain songs to iPhone

    exactly what i did.
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    How long to switch numbers from Verizon?

    i got that voice mail earlier today, hung up, called right back and spoke to someone. so don't quit too soon!
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    How long to switch numbers from Verizon?

    called earlier tonight, about 23 1/2 hours after trying to set it up. the guy from AT&T set it up, few transfered calls and about 45mins later my phone was activated. used it for about 3 hours on and off then i finally received a text message saying my phone was active (at about 10:30pm, approx...
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    Still Not Activated? Here is the solution!

    just read about this and my AT&T store closed 1 minute ago. anyone know if we can get this done at an Apple store?
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    I want to crush my iPhone

    tried to restart the phone, and still no service. was going to go to AT&T but they are probably closed by now. im into hour 23. my current phone shuts off at 7:19pm, and my iPhone still isn't working. sweet....
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    If you can't activate get a new SIM from AT&T!

    im also curious about this. going on 19 hours of waiting now and still cant use it :frown:. hope it turns over soon since my existing phone gets turned off in 5 hours.
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    How long to switch numbers from Verizon?

    24 hours for me too :( (i switched from sprint)
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset - Was It Available?

    didn't have them at the cingular store i got mine at.
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    Anyone Camping Near Knoxville, TN?

    sounds good. ill be there around noon on the 29th.
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    Anyone Camping Near Knoxville, TN?

    stopped by the store near chilis on kingston pike this afternoon. they had a sign on the door stating that they will be closing at 4pm on the 29th, then reopening from 6-10pm. they even had a stand inside with a large picture of the iPhone on it and the date June 29th. i got too excited, and had...
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    Anyone In Franklin, Tn Camping?

    i have a buddy who is plannin on just drivin by every so often and checking on the length of the lines and hoppin in when they start to get long.
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    Keep my same phone number?

    its not going to be impossible. i would rest assured, that you will probably be able to get a phone through Apple on the 2nd. as far as the phone number goes, im not sure. but when i was in a store a couple weeks ago asking about keeping my same number, the guy atually told me you can get any...
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    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    feel ya there. Myself: 22, temp summer job, Also Graduating in December with a civil engineering degreee. not too many engineers on here....
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    y are...

    Couldnt have said it better myself.
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    Fully customized iPhone and iPod cases

    agreed! id love to have a college team case or something a little less flashy for each respective occasion.
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    6PM Waiting Time

    well said. that 3 million number is also helping me get sleep these days.
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    Anyone Camping Near Knoxville, TN?

    def. i think im going to go to the store by the mall and wait there the morning of the 29th, and if they decided to wait till 6pm, ill just drive across the street to the Apple store and wait there.
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    Only 8 GB max..

    for me, the 8GB works to my advantage because on my 30GB ipod i find myself flipping through songs (while on random). this way, ill be forced to only put music i really listen to on my phone.
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    6PM Waiting Time

    ill be waiting outside a local AT&T store the morning of the 29th, and if they decided to wait till 6, ill walk across the street to the mall where our Apple store is and just wait there.