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  1. ess_bee

    Jail break question

    I saw a screen shot yesterday from Twitter and the Dev-Team claim that 3.1.3 JB software "is only around the corner" maybe in a months time or so? I'm just guessing here..
  2. ess_bee

    Set up as new and restore help

    MjWoNeR I had the same problem as you. I updated my software from 1.2 to 1.3 and still have my custom carrier name. I created a thread yesterday and got instant answers. If you go into Settings >General>Reset(Scroll to the bottom). Here select "Reset network settings" , the process takes a...
  3. ess_bee

    get photos off iPhone...

    Your understanding is wrong. As Ncalien has quoted above ^^ my comment was correct and you need to follows Ncalien guidance.
  4. ess_bee

    gba emulator

    ive got a source where you can download roms for GBA, Sega, Pokemon etc. If your interested, PM Me.
  5. ess_bee

    get photos off iPhone...

    frew have you tried syncing your iPhone and iTunes? When I connect my iPhone to the usb cable and laptop with any new pictures I always get a pop up asking for the pictures to be viewed in a photo software programme on my laptop. You can view photos via that software or sync with iTunes...
  6. ess_bee

    3.1.2 jailbreak to 3.1.3 software upgrade - network query

    Please ignore my message above..MrDamage cheers for your advice, it worked:dft003:coolkid This website is the best for iPhone guidance on the net!
  7. ess_bee

    3.1.2 jailbreak to 3.1.3 software upgrade - network query

    MrDamage cheers for a quick reply. By following your reply will I lose my email/mms settings by resetting?
  8. ess_bee

    Cydia missing after 3.1.3 Jailbreak

    MrDamage I upgraded from 1.2 to 1.3 with a custom network name. The only way to lose your custom network name is to restore your iPhone..thats the easy bit but restoring as Im sure you are aware your iPhone will be empty so no contacts,music app. You can sync to get your music etc back however...
  9. ess_bee

    Benefits (if any) of upgrading to 3.1.3?

    I did the unthinkable last night from 1.2 to 1.3 software, it was strange to hold an normal iPhone in my hand. No customised themes, 5 dock etc..I haven't noticed anything different on the phones software or performance. I recommend sticking to 1.2 as your not missing out on anything!
  10. ess_bee

    3.1.2 jailbreak to 3.1.3 software upgrade - network query

    Morning guys, sorry if someone has already posted this thread. I know by upgrading to software 3.1.3 there isn't a program to JB an iPhone/ipod etc My question is... When using software 3.1.2 I jailbroke my iPhone 3gs and downloaded a programme from Cydia that allowed to me rename my...
  11. ess_bee

    Question w/ installer.

    Linc is right, Rename is available to download from Cydia...
  12. ess_bee

    Sell on eBay or

    definatley jailbroken the iPhone, for some reason here in England on our eBay you can fetch an extra £30-£40 pounds because it is JB
  13. ess_bee

    which generation iPhone - finding out?

    Silver_ This is simple and will take you seconds Look on the back of your iPhone.. If your iPhone is totally white with a silver Apple logo = White iPhone 3g If your iPhone is totally black with a silver Apple = Black iPhone 3g If your iPhone is silver until 3/4's down and then there a...
  14. ess_bee

    Sell on eBay or

    I just sold my 16gb 3g black iPhone (only opened to activate) for £357 GBP So definitely sell your iPhone on ebay as you will get a lot interest and a bigger selling price
  15. ess_bee


    can anyone shed any info about how we go about trying to download bluesn0w onto our JB iPhones?
  16. ess_bee

    Can the 3G Be used without SIM?

    I use my 3G all the time with no sim, you can still connect to the internet via wi-fi.
  17. ess_bee

    How to remove status bar on FW 2.2.1

    Its not available in winterboard on 2.2.1, i knew I shouldnt of upgraded software!
  18. ess_bee

    How to remove status bar on FW 2.2.1

    Just like the title says... On version 2.2 I was able to remove the solid status bar via Winterboard. Meaning the status bar was transparent and looked great with my theme. But Since I have updated to 2.2.1, you cannot remove the status bar by selecting it in Winterboard. Does anyone...
  19. ess_bee

    Bites SMS is now paid... is there any alternative to it

    I have got BiteSMS on my iPhone. I use the app for landscaping texting and send text messages through my carrier and not Bite... That doesn't cost me does it? I am on a contract if that makes any difference?
  20. ess_bee

    Just Jailbroke-- now need to uninstall Installer

    Sync Restore Sync Jailbreak thats the process..