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  1. ess_bee

    3.1.2 jailbreak to 3.1.3 software upgrade - network query

    Morning guys, sorry if someone has already posted this thread. I know by upgrading to software 3.1.3 there isn't a program to JB an iPhone/ipod etc My question is... When using software 3.1.2 I jailbroke my iPhone 3gs and downloaded a programme from Cydia that allowed to me rename my...
  2. ess_bee

    How to remove status bar on FW 2.2.1

    Just like the title says... On version 2.2 I was able to remove the solid status bar via Winterboard. Meaning the status bar was transparent and looked great with my theme. But Since I have updated to 2.2.1, you cannot remove the status bar by selecting it in Winterboard. Does anyone...
  3. ess_bee

    iPhone 3G Wholesaler

    Like the titles says... Does anyone know or can recommend an iPhone 3G Wholesaler?
  4. ess_bee

    Buying an iPhone 3G off eBay

    I am considering what another iPhone 3g off eBay. There are a lot of iPhones on eBay which are being sold when JailBroken. What I want to know is; if I buy an iPhone 3g that is JailBroken how do I get the iPhone to work on my iTunes account? Do I need to register the new iPhone? I want my...
  5. ess_bee

    Cydia keeps on crashing!

    I am having problems with Cydia. It has nearly been a week since Cydia has worked properly for me. The app opens fine but when I try to refresh it will crash time after time. I am beginning to get worried, I have downloaded a lot of content of Cydia and I don't really want to restore and then...
  6. ess_bee

    Emergency help needed!

    today I have unlocked my iPhone 3g via yellowsn0w. I was in a rush to do this and have somehow I have snapped the bottom bit of my sim tray. The little plastic bit I presume is still inside my iPhone and Ive currently got a sim wedged into my iPhone but my sim tray is out! How can I get the...
  7. ess_bee

    crash bandicoot app - Crash Kart

    I brought this last night and I cannot put my iPhone down. What a quality app! anyone else becoming addicted like me?
  8. ess_bee

    Screen Scrolling

    I just saw a kids video on YouTube of his iPhone. Instead of flicking the screen left or right to see the next or previous screen. The kid was scrolling up and down not left or right. It was like scrolling through your contact list but instead it was page after page of apps. It looked pretty...
  9. ess_bee

    Bluetooth on the iPhone 3G

    Can anyone shed somelight on this? Why does the iPhone have bluetooth, if you cannot send songs? or Pair with other iPhone devices? Just curious
  10. ess_bee

    How to sell an iPhone? Help needed!

    moderators-please move if posted in the wrong section Ok... I have an iPhone on ebay and it ends tomorrow AM. I have deleted all my photo and deleted all my apps that automatically log in with my email address and password ie. Facebook Currently when downloading an app from Apple...
  11. ess_bee

    downloaded flashlight from Installer

    Hello I downloaded flash light from Installer last night. The download went smooth as always... I played on the app for 5 minutes or so and then closed it. Once the app was closed down my screen/back light was really dim, practically dark? I checked my brightness in settings and that was...