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    What does AT&T charge more for data?

    I was with T-mobile before i switch to att, and the unlimited internet was only $6 for my Samsung phone, how come AT&T charge $20 for the data plan? Is the speed different or something else is not the same?
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    How do you group videos in iPod?

    Hey I just have this quick question, it seems iPod automatically group some videos for me (Music videos) but not movies, say my 5 Linkin Park music videos have been group into a folder called Linkin Park. I tried to let iPod do the same thing for my movies but it didn't work out, I tried to use...
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    How do I open......

    How do I open the PNG files in like BatteryBG_1-17? Or can I download the stock battery images anywhere else? Thanks!
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    Does your Phone do this?

    Today I accidentally grabbed the left side of the black backing and I actually pushed it in a little bit. To make it clear, it's the area I circled in red in the picture. When I push it it goes in a little bit and comes out itself. The casing is perfect by just looking at it and I never drop...
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    iPhone replaced in Apple store

    I finally decided to go to my local Apple store to ask a replacement unit today. I found one dead pixel and other 3 sparkles on the upper left corner of the screen, honestly they aren't that bad, it's just that every time I turn the screen on my eyes are automatically looking for those spots...
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    Dead pixel on the screen anyone?

    I just noticed that there's one dead pixel on the top left of the screen, this is just great! Been waiting over 12 hours for activation complete and now a dead pixel!:angry: