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    WiFi not recognized-can only use EDGE?

    so here's the deal: I can see other public WiFi spots and the proper icon will show up in the status bar-but the signal is complete crap.I log in to my home WiFi, put in the password, it gets accepted, and the E icon shows up in the status bar.If I go to settings, it says that WiFi is on and...
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    is there a way to count SMS messages?

    since we're only allowed 200, I'd like to know how many I've used. I'm also curious if this counts for incoming as well as outgoing messages. Dave
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    first problems noticed: battery life and voice mail

    so, I got my first bad voice mail the other day. I play it back and it sounds like I'm fast-forwarding through it. Hopefully that was a fluke. I'm saving that VM and I'm going to play it to an Apple Genius as soon as I can get out to a store. I also noticed really poor battery life. My phone...
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    Here's what I'm seeing I need for 1st round updates

    I posted this at the Apple site too, so hopefully somebody's peeking in, but my guess it that someone on the inside probably has these on the short list too: -synching to notes so I can upload shopping lists and such -RULES FOR MAIL... I don't appear to be able to filter junk mail, or stop a...
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    synching notes?

    hi, my treo used to sync up to a note application with Mark/Sync. Anyone know of a way to make notes/shopping lists, etc on my mac and have it go to my notes on the iPhone? Thanks, Dave
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    $99/month to use WiFi?

    OUCH... anyone see this on the AT&T site? Is this really the only way to use WiFi on the iPhone?