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  1. Laylapotata

    iOS 6 Observations

    iMessage as always been unreliable for me long before ios6. I keep it off and use just my plan
  2. Laylapotata

    I want Google Maps back!

    Mapquest has a nice app with turn by turn audible instructions.
  3. Laylapotata

    So should I bite the bullet and install iOS 6? In my iPhone 4?

    After getting my old 3G totally hosed a couple years ago by 4.1 I'm scared shitless to do it again. How's it going for other 4 owners out there?
  4. Laylapotata

    AT&T CEO regrets ever offering unlimited data plans...

    not only do they throttle unlimited users, they punish low users like me. The rates for 300 megabytes is only ten dollars away from 3 gig. I will never even come close to using 3 gig, in fact I average about 100 megabytes a month, but still pay 2/3 of what a full 3 gig user pays.
  5. Laylapotata

    Upgrade issues?

    Thanks guys. :)
  6. Laylapotata

    AT&T CEO regrets ever offering unlimited data plans...

    Rich bastard can cry me a river. While they charge 20 a month for texting which costs them NOTHING !
  7. Laylapotata

    Upgrade issues?

  8. Laylapotata

    Am I the only one not using a screen protector?

    Tried zagg-hate the drag Tried invisishield- much less drag but they bubble under the case edges. Very happy with incipio brand. Cheap. (3 for 12 bucks) Clear. Easy to apply. Absolutely no drag You forget it's there. Had it a month and it looks new. Don't know if I'll ever need the...
  9. Laylapotata

    Upgrade issues?

    Do the older generation iPads have the same kinds of upgrade issues that the older iPhones do? (eg. iPhone 3G got very slow with the 4.3 update). I would like to get a first or second generation refurb but I don't even want one if I'm going to find out it gets hosed with the latest upgrade like...
  10. Laylapotata

    My awful battery life

    Thanks guys. I never think to turn off wifi on a long day out when I'm concerned about my phone staying charged. Helpful advise.
  11. Laylapotata

    Broke my iPhone

    That could work.
  12. Laylapotata

    Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes?

    Cant you just set up a family sharing between the two computers, Import all songs to one machine and then download? I did that with my sil when she got her first iPhone, but most of my songs are ripped from CDs, not purchased. I don't know if that works with purchased.
  13. Laylapotata

    Distortion through earpiece?

    that's exactly what I was thinking, in which case it will dry out and be ok.
  14. Laylapotata

    Need electronic geeks' advise

    "that was a rare find". That's what she told me. Stupid me thought they were some cheap garbage. Really kicking myself. Thanks.
  15. Laylapotata

    Need electronic geeks' advise

    So here's my problem. My daughter had a nice stack of blank printed circuit boards a friend gave her that they found, that she was intending on making jewelry from. They were lying around for months and I decided to toss them, not knowing what they could possibly be for. Well, she's...
  16. Laylapotata

    Smart Phone (required $15mo data plan = OK?) Digital TV (required $15mo cable = Outrage!)

    I'm just glad I got in while they still had the el cheapo 15 dollar plan. As I understand it, that no longer exists and the new plan is 20 for a lousy 300 megabytes. I rarely use data as I have wifi at home and at work and in between, I don't do anything that uses lots of data. It is...
  17. Laylapotata

    How to install a screen protector perfectly?

    Well, I just got my xo skin today and put it on. Let me just say, I am a spaz at putting these things on and this thing is foolproof. I did everything you could possibly do wrong and 12 hours later, it looks flawless, clear and all the bubbles are gone. It appears to be idiot proof. Highly...
  18. Laylapotata

    How to install a screen protector perfectly?

    To be fair, it was just put on that day. If you take more care than I did and give it a chance to dry you will probably have better luck
  19. Laylapotata

    Profile Shortcuts 5.1

    I'm not jail broken but with an app called icon project I had good shortcuts none of them work now.
  20. Laylapotata

    How to install a screen protector perfectly?

    That moshi looks nice. How's the clarity and can you use a tight fitting case that overlaps the front a little?