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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    I don't mind sending the tricorder sound to anyone. Just let me know how you want me to send it to you. :)
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    I used the Ringtone Maker and put the Star Trek Tricorder sound on my iPhone. My friends were dying laughing when they heard it! Such a great App!
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    I bought it and it works great so far! I think they deserve 10 bucks for being the first to make an easy app for the ringtones. My only question, how do you get the ringtones off of the phone? Anyone know?
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    Dude, if they make a Mac version, I'm in. I just don't want to go through the hassle of reformatting my phone for my pc to use it.
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    Activation FINALLY complete!

    Everything you said is exaclty what happened to me! I finally just got mine activated about an hour ago.:laugh2:
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    I am going into hour 20... I called Sprint the other day and they said my billing cycle ended on the 30th. If they don't port my number by tonight and I get another bill from Sprint then I am going to be super pissed! I'm afraid to call Sprint about it.
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    waiting for activation anyone?

    Neo, I feel you! I'm in Hermitage and I waited for over 8 hours in the hot sun(#3 in line), 1 hour for the AT&T people to figure out how to sell me the phone, and now over 5 and half hours for activation. I really should not have ported my number.
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    I waited for over 8 hours in the hot Nashville, TN sun for my phone(#3 in line). I then had to wait almost an hour for the AT&T store to figure out how to sell the phone to me. I have now waited over 5 hours for this activation email. I am switching over from Sprint. I am so mad right now at...
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    I just got this email, what does it mean?

    I got it too, and it said I could still use the ipod features but it wont let me. Argghhh!
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    Moderate Camping In Nashville

    Im hoping all goes well in Mt. Juliet. I was really hoping that I don't get out there and then something happen like they don't actually have them or anything. I know if I go to Green Hills then at least I would get one, but I don't want to drive 30 minutes and fight late afternoon Friday...
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    Moderate Camping In Nashville

    Which store has the campers Thedwp? I am heading to Mt. Juliet in the morning. It's closer to me.
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    Lines Forming

    thedwp, Im in nashville too! I'm heading out to the Mt. Juliet store tomorrow. I think I might ride around tomorrow and scope it out periodically through the day until I see a line. I went to the AT&T store yesterday and got the credit check thing done and they guy said that calls had certainly...
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    credit check?

    I went to my local AT&T store to have the credit check thing done and it turned out good! No deposit required! I told him about the iTunes activation and the guy said he knew about it but yet they were still going to activate them in store. hmmm.... I don't know. I can't wait! I think im going...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I'm from Nashville too! Hey I'm new here and I too am from Nashville! I can't wait until Friday to get an iPhone! I was really dreading the price of the plans and I had not been 100 percent committed to getting the phone. After the plans came out on Tuesday though, my mind was made up! I can't...