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    Apple Bluetooth

    i got my Apple headset the other day and it works great.i just have one question does anybody know how long the battery charge is affected by leaving the bluetooth on all the time ?Thanks.
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    need help buying a car charger!

    i just bought a griffin iPhone car charger today.but just read an item on it now about some problems the user was having with it like the phone getting hot and some noise coming from the charger.I was torn between the griffin and the extreme charger.did i make a mistake and has anybody...
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    Has anyone seen my AT&T logo?

    I was getting ready to make a phone call ,i switched on the phone mode and hit my favorites key. the phoned looked like it was trying to make the connection,but wasn't going through.i hit the end call key.i tried this several times and still no connection. i noticed in the top left corner i had...
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    playing iPhone in the car.

    when using the iPhone in the ipod mode in the car i get strange static pops through my radio.i am using the cassette adaptor to play my ipod. i am assuming it is some sort of interference from the phone itself.has anybody experienced this,and does anyone know if it may be harmful to the phone?
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    point of no return.

    well my two weeks have passed, and can no longer return my iPhone and nor do i want to.i have been using it for the passed two weeks with no problems,not even with activating.i really love this phone and hope after using it for two weeks without problems (knock wood)means my phone will continue...
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    Apple Care for iPhone?

    does anyone know if there will be Apple care for the iPhone?
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    car chargers.

    has anybody tried the griffith ipod charger with the iPhone,and does it work?