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    Apple quietly handling iPhone touchscreen issues?

    FYI: It doesn't appear to be particularly widespread, but according to a couple threads on Apple's support forums and elsewhere, a small number of iPhones are suddenly getting "dead spots" on their touchscreens ... Link...
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    Apple faces mounting complaints on iPhone battery

    New York officials submit letter to CEO Steve Jobs suggesting changes to Apple's policies and fees -
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    Rumor: Apple cuts iPhone production

    Quote: "Today the thing slamming the stock (chart left) is an unconfirmed rumor that the company is cutting back iPhone production "from 9 million units to 4.5 million units," according to a note from trading firm Miller Tabak & Co." Link...
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    Alert: Don't use iPhone Web dialer

    Quote: Attackers could exploit a bug in this feature to trick a victim into making phone calls to expensive "900" numbers or even keep track of phone calls made by the victim over the Web, said Billy Hoffman, lead researcher with SPI Labs. The iPhone could even be stopped from dialing out, or...
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    iPhone v1.0 Bug List

    Someone has done a very thorough job in testing iPhone (see here Apple could probably use people like this :smile: