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  1. kewl!o

    searching contacts

    Hello. I can't find a way to search for a particular contact in my hundreds of contacts. E.g., I have a note on one that says "AC" for my air conditioning repairman. Since this is a note and not a name, I can't even scroll down and look for it. Can anyone help?!
  2. kewl!o

    too many contacts

    I sync'd my iPhone with Yahoo! address book...but there were duplicates I didn't realize (lots of them). Now, I don't find any way to get rid of the duplicates on iPhone (i went through them all on Yahoo! - over 1000), except to tediously go one by one. Is there a way to say to delete them...
  3. kewl!o

    iPhone backup

    I see that, in iTunes, Preferences > iPhone shows that my iPhone information is backup up. OK, that's great, but does anyone know what is backed up? and how to restore it if needed? Thx, K
  4. kewl!o

    v-moda vibe and shure e4c headphones

    Hi all. I am looking for advice on wired headphones, specifically the v-moda vibe and shure e4c. Simple Qs: (1) are they comfortable for long periods? (2) do they have music and phone controls, like the iPhone headphones? (3) does the music pause during a phone call? (4) overall...
  5. kewl!o

    RoadRunner eMail from iPhone?

    I have been unable to get email working via my RR email account. Has anyone managed this? RR support says that I should be able to see my emails and recommended calling Apple support (of course). Anyone know what's up with this? Thx, K
  6. kewl!o

    eMail explanation please

    Sorry to be behind the learning curve, but I have not used a cell phone for email. I have work + personal email (both Thunderbird, via Novell & Roadrunner respectively). I can check my personal email from work via a POP email site RR has. So...I have read that something like "Yahoo! push...
  7. kewl!o

    Battery products, addons?

    Does anyone know if Apple or 3rd parties are planning products to extend the battery life? I'm concerned that I'm listening to tunes and/or surfing the web and my battery dies, making it impossible for me to make or receive a phone call. K
  8. kewl!o

    landscape keyboard?

    does anyone know if the iPhone will go to landscape mode if turned while typing an email? It seems like this would allow for a much bigger "keyboard". K
  9. kewl!o

    I assume no discount for 2 yr contract

    I'm a Cingular customer...been waiting for a phone I want - now I have it in the iPhone :D My contract has expired awhile back...usually when you renew you get a discount on the phone you choose. I assume they are not doing that w/the iPhone. Does anyone know? Thx, K
  10. kewl!o


    I have a Sony PRS-500 (eBook reader). The reader will let you view any PDF file, but I believe the Sony eBook files are a proprietary format (probably just ownership checking and such added to PDF). Does anyone know if the iPhone will support reading eBooks? The display certainly looks...
  11. kewl!o

    Sync with Thunderbird and Lightning?

    Does anyone know if the iPhone will sync with the Mozilla tools? (contacts, email, calendar) Thanks! Mark :2cool: