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  1. Edge1978

    Verizon restore issue

    I downloaded the firmware for my Verizon iPhone 5 and wanted to do a [shift+restore] but it's saying that the firmware (which is 5,2_6.1.4_10B350) is not compatible with my device. Long story short, I recently moved to Verizon back in May because it had a larger FAN discount for me and purchased...
  2. Edge1978

    White iPhone 5 home button paint?

    I decided to take a cloth to my phone to wipe it off as usual and today as I was about wipe off the home button I noticed what I thought was dirt so I cleaned around the area but the "dirt" didn't move. I had my sister look at it to see what she thinks it is and she said there's some silver...
  3. Edge1978

    Official Twitter App Question

    I currently use Tweetbot and one of the reasons I love it is because it takes me right to where I left off when I logged out and I can view the tweets instead of backtracking. However a friend of mine can't afford Tweetbot right now and only uses the twitter app and with the official app it...
  4. Edge1978

    Auto Play for Windows 7

    For some reason ever since I updated me and my room mates iPhone 4's to iOS 5, whenever I plug in my iPhone 4 to my laptop, Auto Play pops up (as usual), but this time it lists his name as the device name. (i.e. Richard's iPhone). Even when I plug his iPhone in, it lists Richard's iPhone. How do...
  5. Edge1978

    Message tone on iPhone 4S

    This seems so simple but I cannot locate this. Whenever I receive a text, it'll notify me twice a few mins later. I used to have the 2nd notification turned off by only being notified once on my iPhone 4. But I can't find the option on my iPhone 4S? O_o
  6. Edge1978

    PopUp causes Call to Fail?

    PopUp causes Call Fail message? Ok, this is really beginning to bug me. Here is the story, my iPhone 4 was jailbroken on 4.2.1 with Green Poison, had no problems what so ever. However, my girlfriend made the mistake of updating my iPhone when it was plugged into iTunes, and of course it...
  7. Edge1978

    New Way to downgrade?

    It's been quite a few months since I had to downgrade a firmware and when I did I always used Tiny Umbrella. However, my girlfriend made the mistake of updating my jailbroken iPhone to 4.3. I did the usual, started up Tiny Umbrella (the latest version) plugged my iPhone in and started the...
  8. Edge1978

    Upgrading Error 1013

    I had my iPhone jailbroken the past few weeks, but as of lately I have noticed it was lagging really bad, so I decided to restore and upgrade to the latest firmware and just wait patiently for the untethered Windows Jailbreak. I removed the code in the host file and performed the restore...
  9. Edge1978

    Touch screen Problem (Otterbox?)

    I understand I may have posted this in the wrong section, but as I was posting this in the Case forum, I realized it may have to do more with the iPhone itself. Before I purchased the Otterbox my iPhone 4 worked flawlessly. But since I got the Otterbox it seems I have a hard time with the...
  10. Edge1978

    2 iPhones, sucky reception?

    Ok my girlfriend decided after many years protesting LOL that she will get an iPhone. She got an iPhone 4 on my plan, and while at the store I got the otterbox for my iPhone 4, however NOW my reception isn't as good as it was before. At a time when I would get a full set in certain areas, I now...
  11. Edge1978

    iPod Touch cannot connect?

    my girlfriend just bought a 32g iPod touch, the latest version. She was excited to try out the facetime app. She works at a hotel that offers free wifi. However she cannot connect to anything, not app store, not you tube, not even a solitaire game that she downloaded while at home. I told her to...
  12. Edge1978

    Cydia Blogs question

    When I first jail broke it said on the top of the Cydia page, 4.01 4.1 blogs have been saved, but since Cydia went down and came back up, the blogs are gone. :dft002:amazed yet there is no "Make my life easier" link. Are my blogs still saved?
  13. Edge1978

    Tiny Umbrella Help

    My iPhone 4 has been restored and upgraded to 4.1 a few days ago. I noticed that the Prox Sensor wasn't working that well, so I plugged in my phone and planned to restore again. But I received Error 1004 and had to use Tiny Umbrella to kick me out of recovery mode, which I am not sure I...
  14. Edge1978

    Incoming Call Picture

    Ok, this is probably the silliest question you have heard LOL, but today my Aunt Called me, and her contact pic showed up in a small box at the top right, with the wallpaper still viewable. However that only happened once, is there a way could I make it that way every time I get a phone call?
  15. Edge1978

    LockInfo help

    I purchased the Lock info license because I love it! LOL But I have a few questions hoping someone can help me out. 1) I have pop ups disabled because I have bitesms. However now the only way I know if I have an SMS is if I click on the home button to get the back-light on the lockscreen on...
  16. Edge1978

    Strange "Chirping"

    Whenever I am calling someone during the ringing portion I hear a strange chirping sound (its the only way to describe it), it's not consistent and it didn't bug me, but now when I am talking to someone I will hear the chirping again, when it only did it during ringing. Has anyone else had...
  17. Edge1978

    5th Generation Lag

    I have had my iPod for a few months now, and now for some reason it is beginning to lag a lot. When you click to go to the next song, there is a good 2 sec delay before it actually changes the song. I have restored, and a reboot. But nothing seems to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas? :frown:
  18. Edge1978

    3GS downgrade from 4.0.2

    My sister played around with my phone this morning and now she wants to JB her iPhone 3GS, but she is on 4.0.2 and I told her how to downgrade, but she is getting an error saying that Apple can't verify. Is there a way around this? :(
  19. Edge1978

    New to SSH, change password?

    I would love to SSH into my phone to install some themes, but I am worried I am going screw my phone up. However I read that after I install SSH I should change the password with Terminal but Terminal isn't compatible with the iPhone 4. Is there an alternative? :dft002:amazed I really don't...
  20. Edge1978

    Cannot access SBSettings

    I installed qTweeter and I noticed that to access qtweeter I had to swipe from top to bottom, which is how I had SBSettings set up as well. As soon as I noticed that I couldn't access SBSEttings anymore, I removed qTweeter and figured I'd change the config for SBSettings to open from bottom to...