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  1. smknSRT8

    iPod/Component Cables/TV/Quality

    Does anyone know what the quality of the pictures/video with this setup? The TV is 1080. When I view pictures, the quality doesn't seem good at all...
  2. smknSRT8

    Monster-Beats by Dre Solo

    Does anyone know if the white headphone have a matte finish like the black ones do?
  3. smknSRT8

    Looking for digital camera

    My options are limited because I am using points I have built up from a CC. Can anyone help me out? Click the name of the camera for website. Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS NOTE: not this color. Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Nikon CoolPix S1000pj Nikon CoolPix S70 Any...
  4. smknSRT8

    MacBook Pro Battery Icon in Menu Bar: Service Battery

    On my MacBook Pro it says 'Service Battery' in the menu shown below. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  5. smknSRT8

    Tweetie 2 vs. SIMplyTweet

    What are your thoughts on these two applications. I have them both and love them both but there are features about each application that I wish the other had. SimplyTweet: Push notifications badge for unread tweets can reorganize the bottom buttons of application don't have to scroll to...
  6. smknSRT8

    iPhone "zoomed" in on lock screen

    Anyone ever see this? This just happened on my dads phone this morning, no abnormal use or drop of the phone. I am thinking a restore is the only option here. I had him do a soft reset, but no luck. He said it was normal then it went back to the zoomed in. It is just that he is on...
  7. smknSRT8

    Not download all Gmail messages in

    I am trying to setup my with my gmail account and every time I set it up POP3 it attempts to download ALL my mail and put in my inbox. Is there a way to NOT download all of them and just from here on out sort of deaL?
  8. smknSRT8

    My Mac doubling up files?

    So I was using the app WhatSizeIsIt to see what is taking up so much space and saw that the total hard drive is roughly 80gb used, leaving about 30 remaining. How come I see that in the applications folder my iTunes is this: and in the Music folder it is this: Is my computer doubling up on my...
  9. smknSRT8

    Sound files for SMS and email

    Does anyone have the files for SMS and email sounds? TIA
  10. smknSRT8

    Never thought AT&T could do this...

    So I thought that ATT could NOT under any circumstances give replacements for iPhone in the store. But it happened today. I was getting my, ahem, other phone replaces and I saw it before my eyes. They swapped iPhones. Just thought that this was a little interesting.
  11. smknSRT8

    TV shows

    My favorite TV is Two and a Half Men. This is by far the funniest sitcom I have ever watched. It puts me in tears almost every episode. Also, completely stupid comedy similar to Ali G, Summerheights High. I have only seen a few episodes but pretty funny stuff..
  12. smknSRT8

    Anyone bought a car recently?

    I am looking to trade in my vehicle for a more fuel efficient one. I currently have a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, and am looking at an Audi A4. MSRP for the A4 is about 33,000. What would be a good discount given the economy. I know when buying outright, you get a discount, I am hoping that I...
  13. smknSRT8

    Apple iPhone replacement

    I was recently at the Apple to get a replacement because my Power/Wake button was very difficult to press; and the home button actually made a clicking sound, as if it were stuck on something. I asked the genius about the phone the phone he was about to give me. He said that everything on the...
  14. smknSRT8

    MacBook Pro Icon help in OSX

    So I am trying to change some icons on my Mac. I do not like the look of the standard folder that OSX has, is there a way to change every folder even if I were to create a new. Basically I do not want to go in and drag the new icon to each other folder and just do a one time deal? Is this...
  15. smknSRT8

    Best External Hard Drive

    I am looking to get my dad into backing up his information on his laptop since he stores a lot of information on his laptop. Any ideas? Also, since he won't make the switch to Mac, I am looking for something similar to Time Machine where it can backup automatically maybe have an interface...
  16. smknSRT8

    Free Adobe CS4!

    Well not for you guys but for me! University offers free Adobe software Just a new contract with Adobe. The only catch is that we "have to delete it once we graduate."
  17. smknSRT8

    Best Snow Tires

    What are the best snow tires for a BMW 745Li? Or just in general best snow tires? The tires will only be season and NOT be used year round. TIA
  18. smknSRT8

    Reveal: The one we all have been waiting for.

    Current employer doesn't like me posting...
  19. smknSRT8

    Unimpressed with iPhone 3G thus far

    I had just recently made the switch from the V1 to the 3G iPhone. I have called Apple more in the last 2 weeks than I have my mother. All I want is a good phone. The problems I had had seem to be quality. The second day I bought the phone the silent/vibrate switch broke off. Now when I...
  20. smknSRT8

    Time for a reformat

    My computer has been a little weird lately so I think I am going to reformat my computer. Any tips. I already ran time machine and backed everything up. I am not going to restore from backup, just start over then transfer the files over. What about applications that I paid for but may not...