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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    just the one that im actually surfing on
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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    nope i deff. do not go to porn sites seeing as i am a 13 year old girl and i just cleared both of those, went on internet and it shut down. :angry::angry::angry:
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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    please anyonee i just tried it and in 5 minutes it closed 3 times. :angry:
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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    ahh everytime im on the internet it randomly closes. its getting me really fusturated :foot: is their anything i can do to fix it? i love the internet but it keeps closing =/ any help?
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    ichat app doesn't work 2 well :(

    ok guys theres a site called and its amazing. u can access aim, msn, and yahoo from it. can someone see if it works on the iPhone?
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    got my iPhone, and iam in LOVE with this thing

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    First iPhone Pics

    you lucky duck! congratssssssss
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    Major dilemma!

    im like dyinggg over here. i must get that phone/internet device/ipod!
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    Major dilemma!

    ahh im worried i wont get it :angry::frown: anyone else wanna throw in your 2 cents?
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    Major dilemma!

    im trying and if i succedd... what do you think my chances are if i leave at 6 to buy it? i live in miami, florida and they showed only one AT&T store with a small line so idk how big the demand is
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    Major dilemma!

    ook soo today i was planning for my mom to take me at 6 to get my iPhone but now shes in a really bad mood so i highly doubt i can get it. so do you think i should ask her to order it? the only problem with that is i have no idea when it'll come and i cannot wait a week. or should i beggggg to...
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    iPhone video at

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: that was me the entire video! i found the headphones sooooc cool. man i want that thinggggg
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    iPhone Dreams

    i had a dream where i woke up and randomly had on an "I love iPhone" t-shirt? and my mom was driving me and my sister to get our iPhones. but then i woke up...:angry:
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    What's the last product that had you this excited?

    probably my dog? lol i really don't know but im like dyinggg for the iPhone
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    this time next week....

    what will you be doing? i know im probably going to be way too excited to sleep and maybe dreaming of the events following the next day :tounge: haha so what about you guys? or am i alone..