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  1. termleech

    Beta 2 Stability

    How is the stability of beta 2? Does anyone still have issues with apps? Does safari still crash a lot? Before I upgrade again i figured I'd ask.
  2. termleech

    Mail app in iOS 5

    Anyone else noticing that the mail app in IOS 5 is just painfully slow? I know it's a beta so I'm not complaining but it's so slow I can't even use it. I tried turning off threads but that didn't seem to help. It takes on average right now 20-30 seconds to load up a message when I click on...
  3. termleech

    IO5 Syncs in the background

    I didn't hear this mentioned today, but just installed IOS5 and when it synced all my stuff back on it did it in the background. So no longer is your device locked with the stupid now syncing screen. You can use the device while stuff is being loaded on. This was one of the big features I...
  4. termleech

    4.3 gm

    If an devs see that Apple posts the 4.3 GM before next Friday when its released can they let us know. Typically they release GM to devs before the public release but they didn't mention today if they still plan on doing that or not for this release.
  5. termleech

    Looking for case that can hold pad of paper

    So ive been searching all over for the last few days for an iPad case which holds the ipad on one side and a pad of paper on the other. Ive tried using the iPad for note taking and have tried a number of styluses but I just cant make it work for me. When Im in client meetings I need to be able...
  6. termleech

    Best civilization / age of empires game for iPad?

    So I'm looking for a civilization / age of empire type game for the iPad. I know there is an actual civilization but I can swallow that price right now so I was hoping for something cheaper. Can anyone recommend anything? I've seen settlers which looks good but are there some more I can look at?
  7. termleech

    4.2 Beta 3 SMS tones

    So has anyone else installed 4.2 beta 3 and looked for the new sms tones only to not find them? I installed the new beta because I wanted the new ringtones, but they don't appear on my phone. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. termleech

    Well I'll be... I actually can thank AT&t for once

    So to my surprise I open a letter from AT&T today in the mail. It seems that for being a "loyal" customer they are giving me a MicroCell for free. All I have to do is go to the AT&T store with this letter and pick it up. I was very surprised because despite the fact that I have bad service in...
  9. termleech

    Flash Never coming to iPhone (external link)

    Well it looks like flash is never coming to the iPhone. I'm actually not that sad, I'm not a huge flash fan. What I'd like to see however is Silverlight on the iPhone. IMHO Silverlight will replace flash completely in the next 2-3 years. It's a much better platform of choice and gives much...
  10. termleech

    It's been fun iPhone but W7 Phone here I come

    I just got to play with a Windows 7 Phone today and it's been fun iPhone but goodbye as soon as I can get my hands on one retail. The interface is awesome and developing for it is a cakewalk since I'm already a .NET developer. The ecosystem MS has created for developer is going to allow them...
  11. termleech

    4.0 Features

    So I thought I'd start a thread for people to post 4.0 features they've found that Apple didn't mention in their keynote. The biggest one I found so far is the ability to edit music playlists on the phone itself. When I saw this features I just about cried. I've been wanting this feature...
  12. termleech

    4.0 Jailbroke

    Well it didn't take long, 4.0 has been jailbroken, video is up online showing Cydia installed. It's speculated that they either use a 3.1.3 exploit they didn't publicly release (which is what I think) or Apple put in a red herring for the jailbreak community.
  13. termleech

    4.0 Wireless Problem

    Anyone else having problems connecting to Wifi with 4.0 installed? I use to be able to connect to my wireless at home but since installing 4.0 it always tells me can't connect. I'm using WPA2 Personal and I've retyped the password like 10 times.
  14. termleech

    Notify Pro

    Has anyone seen this app before? I just noticed it in Cydia and it looks pretty sweet. Basically it will alert you of SMS, Phone calls, Emails, and pushes on your computer via growl. It seems really cool. It costs $1.50 but sounds well worth it. I'm hoping a future improvement is to be able...
  15. termleech

    LockInfo 2.0 release

    Seems LockInfo has a 2.0 release. Saw it this morning. Installed it and it's working great. It seems that for a majority of the times when LockInfo would suddenly not display for me it's now displaying. Push notifications are now also built in and no longer need a beta plugin.
  16. termleech

    LockInfo problem whn iPod playing

    I just switched to LockInfo from Intelliscreen and love it except for one small problem. When the iPod is playing and I lock the phone then unlock it, open the iPod up and change the song then relock LockInfo no longer shows. I have to open up Settings to get it to show. I have it configured to...
  17. termleech

    Navigon Traffic update

    So it looks like Navigon is working on live traffic and wants a one time fee of $25. I for one will happily pay for it based on the gizmodo review that it works about as well as anything they've ever seen. A one time fee seems like a bargain to me since most GPS companies charge a monthly fee...
  18. termleech

    Best app for storing accounts

    So I'm looking for people's opinions on the best software for keeping account information on your phone (credit card, checking account, etc). Ideally I'd like something free but I don't mind paying if it's worth it. Security is a must.
  19. termleech

    Video's now included with pictures when syncing

    So I just noticed that you can check "include videos" under the syncing options for photos and it will sync the video's you have in the albums in iPhotos. This is awesome and I know a lot of people have been asking for it (including myself).
  20. termleech

    Anyone having trouble accessing Visual Voicemail today?

    Anyone else having the issues with Visual Voicemail that seem to be widespread? I wasn't having them until today. I've been expecting a phone call an haven't received it, so I thought hmm, I'll manually check my voicemail just to be sure and bah, there was voicemail from over 12 HOURS ago...