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  1. J

    Apple schedules iPhone 6 event for Sept 9th

    iPhone 6 4.7 inch launch on September 9th, what about 5.5 inch?
  2. J

    Will you buy an iWatch

    I love it. It is so cool.
  3. J

    Samsung is working on a smartwatch

    There much news on cnet on iWatch.
  4. J

    There are 2 versions of the iPhone 5? 3G and 4G?

    Something is very useful for the Apple users. Ths.
  5. J

    Anyone know where to find car chargers for iPhone 5?

    yes. Last year, I went to Apple store. They didn't have any yet but should soon. He said that the cord that I have would plug into my current charger but that would mean having to carry my home cord with me. Everything is OK now.