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    Returning my iPhone today... NOT

    Just wanted all to know that I bought a second iPhone today... so tired of people returning them... Two of my friends who bought iPhones returned them because 1) to many presses to dial a number and 2) no voice dialing. At least they tried... but yes I bought a second one .. for my partner...
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    I want to be a good forum citizen, but

    I searched, several times and ways but .... does anyone have a file of sounds that can be used with our iPhones? I thought there was a zipped file somewhere... thanks... Van:frown:
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    Fantastic shot found on Flickr I really hope this works, I have no clue how to do this otherwise.
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    Well the update will be coming now... The NY Times reports that researchers at a security firm Independent Security Evaluators have announced that they have found a vulnerability in the Apple iPhone that allows them to extract personal information and "take control" of the device from a...
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    iPhone sighted in the wild

    I saw my first iPhone today, besides mine of course. Got so excited I forgot to play iPhone Assassin ... poop...
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    Great little app found this at macrumors if that is ok... point your iPhone there...:laugh2: