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  1. gibby71

    iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak Goes Live

    If you get blank icons try putting then into a folder. My iTunes icon was blank and came back as soon as I put it in a folder. I was able to then pull it out and still not be blank.
  2. gibby71

    iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak Goes Live

    Instructions on how to use the tool are posted on iClearified.
  3. gibby71

    Enter to win Fruit Ninja for iPhone

    I want to be a ninja of fruit!
  4. gibby71

    Enter to win Angry Birds for iPhone

    I want to shot birds into pigs, sign me up!
  5. gibby71

    Always being tracked

    Do you have any reminders set to alert you by location in the reminders app?
  6. gibby71

    My iPhone messages being forwarded?

    Blue message means it's a iMessage and Green means its a MMS or page. As to why its not being sent as a iMessage I am not sure.
  7. gibby71

    Untethered iOS 5.0 Jailbreak

    At this point just wait it out and see. They are keeping stuff hush hush for now. As they are trying to avoid the cat and mouse game with Apple. Yes its true they have a untethered jailbreak for 5.0. My guess (and this is only a guess) is that once that 5.0.2 is released we may get to see...
  8. gibby71

    Google's Gmail App - Released

    They really failed on the app/update. It does not have any notification popups. Only gives a sound and badge.
  9. gibby71

    iMac How do I take a screenshot on Mac?

    shift command 3 takes a picture of the entire screen. shift command 4 lets you select a portion of the screen.
  10. gibby71

    Google's Gmail App - Released
  11. gibby71

    Deleting pics and videos from camera roll file?

    you can not delete individual photos from photo stream but if you want to delete them all: Go to click your name in top right. click advance. Click 'reset photo stream.'
  12. gibby71

    Multiple downloads

    I have seen it download and install multiple apps at once. Maybe its based on connection speed? I see you only have 1 bar on your wifi.
  13. gibby71

    Downgrading Help

    4.2b3 is a beta firmware.
  14. gibby71

    Can't delete app

    If you are on IOS5 another way to delete apps is to go to settings -> general -> Usage (wait for apps to load) select your app then choose Delete App.
  15. gibby71

    Can't delete app

    What is the app?
  16. gibby71

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hello :)
  17. gibby71

    Can't delete app

    Is it a stock app or is it an app installed from Cydia? what is the app?
  18. gibby71

    How to set my own ringtone?

    if you are having trouble making ringtones go to They have a ton of pre-made ringtones and SMS sounds. Just be sure to set your phone type (top right of the site) to iPhone. When you download what you want it will then be in the correct format.
  19. gibby71

    email notification

    You can customize text messages sounds as well.
  20. gibby71

    My Chicago Trip 2011

    maybe you can get lucky and get in the Chicago Cash Cab.