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  1. gibby71

    How to clear your Photo Stream.

    I didn't see this posted anywhere figure I would pass it on. Go to click your name in top right. click advance. Click 'reset photo stream.'
  2. gibby71

    The Lion has been released from its cage.

    Apple has launched Lion for 29.99 in the Mac app store. I will be upgrading when I get home from work.
  3. gibby71

    Crackle - free movies and TV shows

    Stream free TV shows and movies to your iPhone, iPad and Touch. Not sure how they can do this for free, but grab it wile its hot!:cool:
  4. gibby71

    iMovie question for iPhone 4

    Not sure if I am missing something or if its not an option. Can you select multiple photos and insert them into a move. I have a folder of hundreds of pictures in a folder and would like to put them all into a movie. Do I have to drop them in 1 at a time? is there a shortcut to do this in big...
  5. gibby71

    [FACEBOOK] Farmville

    There has to be people here who plays farmville. Lets get some farmville support going to help build our stables. Post what you need and a link to your gift page. When you send an item post EIC in the message so we now its coming from here. I need anything BUT Boards and Nails...
  6. gibby71


    A new navigation app came out called Waze. This navigation uses data from drivers that are using the app to help get you to where you need to go faster. It allows drivers to report cops, accidents, and general road hazards. Users can also assist in updating the map if roads are not on the map...
  7. gibby71

    Moving my iPhone from PC to a Mac

    I picked up a MacBook this weekend. YEAH! My iPhone has been synced to a PC. I want to move my iPhone to my new Mac. What do I need to do to do this? Is this an easy task to do? If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or pointers please let me know. Thanks!
  8. gibby71

    Screen Snapshots - Zoom and Snapshot on 2.0 update

    as previously noted in many threads to taking screenshots under iPhone OS 20 (hold home and tape sleep/wake button). James1292, a user on Apple’s discussion boards, subsequently found that the screenshot function can be manipulated using the zoom feature. Simply zoom to the desired depth on a...
  9. gibby71

    Facebook icafe group

    Hello Facebook fans. Looking to connect up with friends. Join up with the facebook group and help spread the word of this great site.
  10. gibby71

    Aurora Feint The Beginning

    Oh my is this a addicting game. I downloaded it thinking oh its a free game I will check it out. This game is great puzzle game tied into RPG style. It has great uses of the accelerometer and multitouch. I recommend checking this one out if you like games like Puzzle quest or Bejeweled. I...
  11. gibby71

    Taco bell question

    I hope someone know the answer to this. Are crunchy tacos and tacos supreme made in the same size taco shell? From what I can recall the crunchy taco shell is smaller then the supreme one. My buddy says they are the same size shells. Can anyone confirm who is correct? Thanks :laugh2:
  12. gibby71

    Going from V1 to 3G - who will do the transfer of info I have on V1?

    I believe I will be upgrading to the 3G model and handing off my V1 to my girlfriend. My question is if we have to set up the phone at the AT&T store will I be able to easily get all my contacts, calendars, music and all on my new 3G iPhone? I don't want to have to sit at the store wile 8...
  13. gibby71


    The folks at fatfreegames have come up with another fun game for the iPhone. Bingo!
  14. gibby71

    Zoom lens for the iPhone

    I haven't seen this posted. Has anyone gotten one of these? Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment for iPhone
  15. gibby71

    Quick newbee question about charging iPhone

    Can I use my iPod Nano charger to charge my iPhone?