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    Problem with movie purchased from iTunes store

    Did you check "sync videos" box under the video tab? It is not a default. I know this is obvious, but it is always a good first question.
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    Next Shipment?

    I was told by an Apple Rep at the Apple store in Denver that they are receiving new shipments daily. Check back tomorrow. It will still be quicker then ordering online.
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    AT&T Account Info

    I did not need to get a second SIM. My first one in the iPhone worked. Seriously, I was activated less then 5 min from the time I plugged my iPhone in. I am glad to hear this is bigger problem and that it is not just something wih me. I had no problems activating and assumed that it was an AT&T...
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    AT&T Account Info

    I activated my iPhone on Friday night with no problems. However, since then I cannot access my AT&T account online. My dad is able to after activation. Anyone else who was an existing At&T/Cingular customer getting a message saying your account info cannot be accessed at this time since...
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    My dad is in Charlotte and he got the "need more time to activate" email around 6:00 PM (Saturday). 3 hours later his phone activated. He was an existing Cingular customer. Hopefully it is getting better now.
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    Here's what I'm seeing I need for 1st round updates

    I would like to see a To Do list that syncs with then ones I have in iCal
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    No visual voice mail

    You have to go into voicemail on the iPhone and set up a greeting. If not, people will get a "the user has not set up his mailbox" recording. The easiest and best voicemail set up ever.
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    Bottom Line

    Yes it is worth it. You will always hear more complaints after a new release becasue people need help with certain issues. The activation does seem to be a problem, but again, for those switching, it's not just At&T, it's your current provider who has to release the number. Sometimes they sit on...
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    Yay! Everything went smooth as silk

    Same here in Colorado. I got there (Denver) around 2:00 PM and was about 70th person in line. Once the doors opened I was in the store 20 min and got my 8 GB iPhone. Came home and activated in less then 2 mins! (I was an existing customer and only needed to add the data plan.) So far...
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    any news on how many

    Remember the weekend and then the 4th of July holiday on Wednesday. So hope it gets there by Tuesday or you will need to wait until Thursday.
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    AT&T stores still don't know?

    They are lost or playing you. I have called Apple Stores and AT&T trying to confirm or get extra info on some things and they don't know what is on their own web sites.
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    SIM Card?

    That was may biggest concern. GREAT!
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    SIM Card?

    I noticed the Activation Video did not mention anything about a SIM card? For existing customers, are we getting a new SIM or did they just skip that step in the video for current customers? also, "Replace current device?" for existing customers. Stupid simple question: I will get to keep my...
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    I just spoke with an AT&T rep in Colorado Springs on the phone and asked if they were going to have the iPhone on Friday. He said "no, for sure we won't". I asked who in the Colorado Springs area would have them and he said he is not sure what location, but there will only be about 10 iPhones...