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    Google voice search for iPhone

    If you go into the settings page, it has an on/off for the Contacts. But mine was on and I didn't get it to work, maybe just my pronunciation problem.
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    Google voice search for iPhone

    Works okay. When it misunderstands, some of the results can be pretty funny.
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    Question about backing up the iPhone

    Mine used to back up everytime as well. But now, evidently since the last upgrade, not only does it not backup, I can't figure out how to force it to backup. Is this something I have mucked up in the settings somewhere?
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    iPhone 3G outrageous international data and voice

    I went to Canada on a boat trip for a couple of weeks. Beforehand I called AT&T and set up an international plan that I thought would help. It STILL cost me well over $100 to use the phone for a total of about 5 minutes and the bill and charges were very hard to understand. When calling them, it...
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    iTunes slow startup

    Tried that, didn't help. Thanks anyway.
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    Locking ringtone volume?

    I think what may be happening is that while using other features, or handing the phone to others to look at pictures or whatever, the side button gets pushed without me knowing it. Then when I lock it and put it in my pocket, the ringtone volume is down.
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    Locking ringtone volume?

    Is there a way? I have the sounds lock turned on but the side button on the iPhone will still accidentally turn the ringtone volume down and then I miss calls.
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    iTunes slow startup

    On Windows XP, my iTunes takes up to 20 to 30 seconds to start after I click the icon. Doesn't show an hourglass except for a few seconds, then I just have to wait it out before iTunes actually starts. Is this normal? Is this because it is basically a Mac program running on Windows? Thanks
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    AT&T's outrageous billing practices

    Still outrageous. There is absolutely no reason that they can't note the dates the charges were incurred and bill accordingly. A call made in August should be billed at August's rates, not September's.
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    AT&T's outrageous billing practices

    I planned a vacation in Canada for two weeks in August so I added an international plan to my service to get a reduced rate on roaming charges. I've now returned, no longer in Canada, so I've cancelled the extra plan. Now AT&T informs me that I should keep the extra plan for another month...
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    An earphone question

    I have a friend who lost hearing in one ear. So on his iPhone he only hears one channel of the stereo music. For him it would be better to listen to both channels combined in one ear. So if one adds a simple mono mini plug adapter to the earphone jack, would that combine both signals into each...
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    iPhone 3G frozen on Apple logo

    I've also had that problem but have usually been able to solve it by holding both buttons down for a LONG time, longer than you think you should have to, and it will finally kick back in to the startup screen. Sometimes out of frustration I've repeatedly pushed both buttons and held them, not...
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    Authorizing another computer

    I KNOW this has been asked/answered before but for some reason my archive searches are not succeeding. I've authorized a second computer to use with my iPhone and I want to be sure the music library EXACTLY matches my first computer and iPhone, including cover art, photos, settings and...
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    Do they make a cable for the iPhone that...

    Wow. I bought that same cable but I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near $49. I think the one you linked may be a kit with charger and other cables included.
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    Roaming question

    Thanks for the warning. I was suspecting that might be the case. I think they said it is something like $5/mb once you go over the 20mb. I'll watch the fuel gauge.
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    Roaming question

    Okay. I just called AT&T and set up a plan for this. They have an international voice plan for $3.99/mo that changes voice costs from $.79/min to $.59/min. I also set up a data plan which is $24.99/mo for 20mb of data. Both of these plans are pro-rated and can be cancelled at anytime without...
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    Roaming question

    Can someone help me understand roaming? Sorry this is pretty basic, but I live in Seattle. When I travel to Canada, (nearby Vancouver) am I supposed to turn roaming "on"? Last time I was there I hadn't changed any setting on my phone but it still worked. But I was shocked by the bill. Would it...
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    Apple testing fix for iPhone 3G signal issues!

    Trouble is, its a hardware problem that they are going to try to patch with software. I'm betting that chip is going to be replaced in newer builds of the phone as soon as they can get it into the pipeline. As usual, us early-adopters take it in the shorts again.
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    Has anyone given up on 3G?

    I guess I have to say I'm disappointed. I'm in Seattle, supposedly a good 3G area, but it is spotty in the locations where I need it most. It seems to spend time switching between 3G and Edge during loading a page and as a result often takes longer to load than straight Edge would. GPS is also...
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    GPS issue...

    I agree, it doesn't seem to be terribly accurate. If the gps on my boat were this inaccurate, I would have run aground a long time ago. However, it might be that the maps or satelite pictures are not registered accurately rather than a gps problem.