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  1. ricks2gtouch

    AT&T Carrier Update 24.2

    Anyone else having issues with the recent AT&T carrier update to 24.2? I have noticed a definite drop in my cell signal after that update. I read that if I rolled back iOS that it might roll back that carrier update. I restored to 9.3.2, but it still had that carrier 24.2 listed. Guess I am...
  2. ricks2gtouch

    EMail provider

    Just wondering what folks use for email provider? iCloud, GMail, Yahoo, etc.
  3. ricks2gtouch

    iPad Pro Apple Pencil

    Anyone have thoughts on if it is really worth it to get the Apple Pencil if I am not someone that likes to, or is even any good, at drawing? I am, however, going to try to do more note taking with it.
  4. ricks2gtouch

    Should I get an iPad Air 2 or wait?

    Trying to decide if I want to get a new iPad Air 2 and pass on my current Air to my daughter, who has a 1st gen Mini. Rumors of a new iPad coming in March. But . . . that is March, this is now.
  5. ricks2gtouch

    Happy 225th Birthday U.S. Coast Guard

    The Revenue Cutter Service was established August 4, 1790. In 1915, the Revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Lifesaving Service merged to form the U.S. Coast Guard. Semper Paratus!
  6. ricks2gtouch

    iPad trade in promos?

    I've seen the current Best Buy iPad trade in offer. Has anyone heard of any other promos for trading in iPads? We upgraded my wife's iPad 2 to iOS8, and it has turned into quite a slug. If I can't find anything else, I might trade in her iPad 2 at Best Buy for $150 and get her the iPad mini 2...
  7. ricks2gtouch

    AppleCare & AT&T Next

    I am going to use the Next plan to upgrade. I used to get Squaretrade warranties, but recently I have been sticking to the Applecare. Since Applecare is for two years, can it be terminated with any refunds if the phone is sold after a year. Or even traded in after a year? Also, is it...
  8. ricks2gtouch

    iPhone 5s no service, keeps searching for signal

    Woke up this morning at my normal weekday time of 5:30am. Brought my phone out with to sit outside with the dog while she chose her particular spot for her morning business. Apparently, this is a very complicated process because she takes forever. However, I noticed that my phone was "searching...
  9. ricks2gtouch

    2014/2015 Football

    Watched a little of the first preseason game this evening. Giants and Bills. It's only preseason, but I sure am happy that football is back! My Saints look good in practice. Defense looks poised to build on last years success and the offense has also added some pieces. Can't wait to see them in...
  10. ricks2gtouch

    Computer backup solutions?

    Trying to get some thoughts/ideas on backing up home computers. We have an older desktop that has all of our family stuff - pictures, videos, tax returns, scanned documents, etc. Both my wife and I each have a new-ish laptop. To be honest, the only reason we have kept the desktop are because we...
  11. ricks2gtouch

    Kids and tablets

    My girls are just turned 11 and almost 7 years old. Last summer, we got the older one a Nexus tablet after she brought home all As on her report card. Most of her friends had been getting various Android tabs and we thought it a good time to get her started. She took to it right away. She is...
  12. ricks2gtouch

    iPad Air cases

    I searched and didn't find a thread to discuss iPad Air cases in general. Anyone find anything good, yet? I haven't been looking at keyboard cases. I looked at the $55 offering at the AT&T store. I found it to be way overpriced for what it was. In the past, I have used the "leather" folio case...
  13. ricks2gtouch

    Yet Another Apple Store Story

    My screen on my iPhone 4 was smashed and I took it in to the Genius bar. They took a look, took the sim out, put it in another iPhone and told me that there was no charge this time, but would probably cost me next time. Amazing customer service.
  14. ricks2gtouch

    Help with changing the un-themed icons in a theme.

    I asked this in another thread in the jailbreak forum. But I figured it should go in here, instead. I am new to jailbreaking and I am experimenting with themes. Tried out one called Black UPS Darkness HD that I like. However, that one and a couple others I looked at don't theme all the...
  15. ricks2gtouch

    Newly JB iPhone 4. Thank you!

    Hey, I am mostly a lurker, but recently decided to jailbreak my iPhone4. I have read through a lot of threads for many of the great ideas out there. I am mostly in it for the tweaks and added functionality. Never really cared for added visual features, but some of those themes are very nice. I...