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  1. iWant iPhone

    I want to make separate folders in my photos!

    does anyone know how to do it yet? in the videos i thought it showed him having folders of paris/london whatever etc.... i would like to have folders. like a folder of all my contact people pics, folder of wallpapers, folder of " " etc.
  2. iWant iPhone

    Getting a Full Charge?

    so my iPhone has been plugged in since like 7ish or so and its still not giving me the charge logo, the thing is like full green, but not giving me that logo. i have been using it, because i mean, i cant stop people from calling me, but i don't think that has anything to do with it? how long is...
  3. iWant iPhone

    Full Tilt Poker on the iPhone if this is true, that will freaking rocK! to all the poker players out there, imagine all the places you could play poker now, LOL.
  4. iWant iPhone

    Anyone on here in Michigan?

    anyone on here in Michigan, planning on camping out?