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  1. Bitewound

    1K Reveal

    A little about me .. First the name, long story short, had a bite from a cat, tried 32 screen names when i got a computer but they wanted to add #'s and i just typed in Bitewound. Most people call me Bitey. I had the cat bite because i was a Veterinary Nurse for 25 years, but i had to give up my...
  2. Bitewound

    MacBook repair x2

    So last week i brought my 11 month old MBP in because my screen kept going black and i would have to log back in ! Showed them a video of the problem, they thought it was the logic board or the graphics card . Left it with them for repair-5-7 days. They called me yesterday asked me about the...
  3. Bitewound

    Steve Jobs Biography

    Is anyone reading it? I started it yesterday, it's a good read .
  4. Bitewound

    Energizer charging case $24 +shipping

    Just saw this deal on the Today show. I already bought a Mophie, but thought some might like this silicon case - the code is Todayenergizer
  5. Bitewound

    Mail on MacBook with iCloud

    OK, last night i migrated all my email accounts to iCloud . Everything seemed ok. Woke up this morning and had new emails on my iPhone but can't seem to get them on my Mac . It keeps asking me for my password and when i put it in - it asked for it again . I get this message The iCloud...
  6. Bitewound

    What's Worse ?

    Waiting for tracking #'s and updates or trying to download and install IOS 5 ? I'm going with IOS 5 -i have 2 more items that need updating lol at least i now know where my new iPhone is and when it's going to get here. :D
  7. Bitewound

    What can't you do jailbroken?

    I don't see a list and i haven't had a jailbroken phone since Aug 07 . What things should i not do ? Can i sync normally? Can i still download apps from the store? When a new update comes out, i need to restore in order to update right? Anything else i should know besides Nap needs a new...
  8. Bitewound

    Adding a line?

    I'm only eligible for an early upgrade -not eligible for the fully subsidized upgrade until December. I have a friend that needs cell service and i'm willing to add them and get a family plan - I'd get the new 3GS and they can have my iPhone 3G. Here's my question. They don't really want...
  9. Bitewound

    Enjoy Friday V3GS Day

    I've felt a little out of the festivities and hoopla surrounding the release of the new phone since I'm not getting one -at least not until i can get one for less than full price;). I'm actually glad i'll be in Canada Friday and i refuse to pay the exorbitant data roaming charges,so i won't be...
  10. Bitewound

    Beta 5 problems

    Hi , i posted this before but it disappeared lol or it's on the old server? Anyway, my phone is doing strange things today. First it wouldn't let me type the letter Y . I shut it down and turned it back on and still no Y. The Y started working about an hour later. Then It wouldn't slide to...
  11. Bitewound

    iPhone at the border

    I will be in Niagara Falls (Canadian side)for 2 days at the end of the month. I've read all the threads about traveling with the iPhone and all the extra expenses you can incur while roaming. Has anyone ever been near the Border? Where does it officially become Rodgers instead of AT&T? Is there...
  12. Bitewound

    MacBook How do I transfer files from PC to new MacBook?

    Bought a macbook yesterday:smile: I'm sure i'll have some noob questions by the weekend if i can't figure out how to transfer files from my PC's or set up mobile me. I'll search the forums first though.
  13. Bitewound

    Can't get mail

    Everytime I try to get mail from any of my accounts it just says connecting and the little icon spins and nothing happens. I was getting mail perfectly until about 2 pm yesterday . I checked all my setting and I didn't change anything and I always manually get my mail .Any suggestion? I do not...
  14. Bitewound

    Battery dying question?

    My battery I's dying,my phone is almost a year old, will Apple replace it for free if I bring it to the store or should I just have it replaced myself. I leave for vacation tomorrow and don't want to travel without my phone. Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. Bitewound

    Sad Day :-(

    Well my iPhone stopped functioning in the phone mode-I could not hear when i got calls and vice versa.I tried restoring the phone but that didn't help.I never upgraded my ihone software from the original 1.0.2(?) and i used ibrikr to mod it. So i went to the Apple store on 5th ave last...