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    No Camera icon next to my screen unlock?

    So I downloaded iOS 5 but there isn't a camera icon that lets me access the camera straight from the lock screen, is this a iPhone 4s only feature? Or do I have to set it up? please help!
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    Anyone else surprised there is not a line yet...

    I am kinda surprised that no one is waiting outside yet, usually by this time we will hear about people starting to line up, especially in nyc.
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    Where is my Game Center App?

    I have iPhone 3GS and updated to iOS4 fine.. but I cant find the game center app anywhere, is it out yet? What do I have to do? please help!
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    2 Questions... Please Help!

    1. So I am out of town using my laptop, my desktop is back in LA... Can I plug my iPhone into my laptop tomorrow to get the update? or will it say I need to sync it to this computer? if I do that will all my info be erased? 2. My laptop is running OSX 10.5.8 ... I go to software update and...
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    How do I get my iPhone apps on to my iPad if I don't have my desktop here?

    So I am in Atlanta and I live in LA.. I am buying the ipad here and I have my iPhone with all my apps but my laptop is not the main iTunes that I use. I want to put my apps that are on my iPhone, like N.O.V.A and facebook onto my ipad tomorrow.. how can I do this? If what I am saying dosent...
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    Are AT&T Stores ONLY opening at 7 am for Pre Orders?

    I was planning on going to stand in line early for the 3Gs tomorrow morning but I read on engadget that AT&T Stores are only opening early for Pre Orders, the rest will have to wait until 10 am... only Apple stores are opening early. Can someone tell me if this is true or not? thank you
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    How do I get the Battery Percentage to Show?

    I have seen screen shots of peoples batterys having a percentage next to it, how do I get that to show up? thanks
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    How do I go back to my iPhone? been using it as a iPod touch?

    I switched from At&t recently, and have been using my old iPhone as a ipod touch because everything still worked, it just said no service. But now I want to go back to it and when I plug it into iTunes, i cant find a option to " activate it " with AT&T again... it just has the regular ipod/...
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    Why is my Yahoo Mail not going to my iPhone? isn't it Pushed?

    I just got a iPhone and synched my yahoo email account to it and sometimes it will send the mail to my phone without me having to refresh it but most of the time it wont do anything until I refresh it. On my BB Bold I got the mail whenever it was sent, isn't that how it should be with my...
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    Anyway to get my Text Message Sound Back?

    Every time I get a text now the noise isn't there, just the text pops up. This is only happening on the 3G and idk how to fix it, all my settings are correct. Im also updated to the current software. Is there anyway to fix this?
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    Problems with my 3G, what should I do?

    Im having problems with my 3g I got on launch day 1. The texting noise quits after awhile, update didn't fix it 2. After my iPhone is black ill press the wake up button and the screen will only be half lit then it will get how bright its supposed to be after a little while. 3. Im dropping calls...
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    My text doesn't make a sound anymore when I receive them?

    Up until a couple days ago my text was fine but now It does not make a sound when i get new text, the screen still lights up but no sound what so ever, can someone help me fix this? also my old iPhone worked great with my wireless network at home but now it barely gets any signal and when it...
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    Any Battery Saving Tips?

    I love my 3G, but my battery is horrible I charge the phone every Chance I can but my battery always starts getting lower when I only use it for like 30 min, anyone got any idea to make it better, thanks
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    I love my 3G but the battery is a killer....

    I LOVE my White 3G but the battery is horrible, I charge it all night and it still is pretty bad when im using it through out the day i have to charge it a little every now and then, great phone but they gotta do something about this battery
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    My mail and wireless are working differently?

    with my old iPhone my email would make the noise everytime i got a new email, well now I have to press the refresh before it will say i have new mail before it would check normally, anyway to fix this? also when i get my phone out of sleep it says connected to 3G but then 10 seconds after i...
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    How do I get Contact off the main menu?

    Does anyone know how to get Contacts off the main menu, I don't really need it. thanks. ps- those who are saying the screens are lower quality and that the phone feels cheap, i don't get it, mine feels great and the screen looks great also
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    When is the iTunes wireless store coming to our iPhones?

    Does anyone know a exact date when the iTunes wireless store is going to be available? I'd like to be able to purchase stuff without having to be on WiFi. Thanks.
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    How do I get Ringtones? I downloaded the new iTunes?

    I downloaded the new iTunes but cant figure out where I set up my ringtone, can someone help me please?
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    When are ringtones coming?

    I know they were announced today, but when are they coming?
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    I feel betrayed that iPod touch offers similar functionality as iPhone

    Its like we get punished by buying the iPhone the day it comes out. I mean why would you release a ipod that looks the exact same as the iPhone and does everything except make calls. I would like to kow what Apple was thinking...