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    separate ringtone for forwarded calls?

    nope - tried that. I'd love it if it were that simple. It shows the caller's phone number. Thanks though.
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    separate ringtone for forwarded calls?

    Hi - I have a businesss phone that I'd like to forward to my personal iPhone, but I'd like to be able to see that an incoming call is coming from the businesss line before I answer it. A dedicated ring tone just for forwarded calls would work fine. Does anyone know if that's possible? I've...
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    No Advertisement?

    I agree - it's being talked about enough that they don't need to run ads. You'll see the ads start long after the first release.
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    What Voice commands will the iPhone have?

    not sure - but I don't use it currently so I didn't look for it.
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    all great suggestions - narnia's got it right...but isn't it funny that we're discussing gen2 when the original isn't even out yet!
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    More Rumors-New Features...Too Good to be True?

    of course this is only going to change with each new generation of the iPhone...
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    iGasm..... Apples nightmare

    good Lord...
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    Future iPhones pic....

    not out of the realm of possibility, for sure
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    iPhone to allow Third party Apps!

    haha :laugh2:
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    iPhone to sport a nearly indestructible screen lens...

    ha ha - cool :laugh2:
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    pre-launch discount

    thanks for the heads up!
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    iPhone Cases

    the front of the iPhone alone would make me want to get at least a screen protector for it. Wonder if bestskinsever has one made yet...
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    Engraving on the iPhone

    that would be a nice feature to have.
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    7 Confessions of a Cingular Sales Rep (or how to get an iPhone for less $$$)

    interesting post - thanks for the info.