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    Upgrade Eligibility Requirements?

    How do we get out of the 2 year plan I just want to roll over my t-mobile but I'll have to pay the stupid fee, life sucks and then...
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    they are starting to ship...

    Wow maybe the trucks will wreck on the highway then... If there's a highway spill... pandamoneum! How fun that would be!
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    Does the iPhone have a camera?

    new polaroid All these kinds of cameras do is replace the old school polaroid ( cold hemaroid ) think of it as a nice extra feature. Beam me up!
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    Only 8 GB max..

    4gb per movie Wow, so I guess I won't store too much on here. That's what the ipod is for after all.
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    Whose buying an iPhone on day 1?

    hell yeah I want a two for one special or something. I wonder if they'll have a family plan? Oh well wishful thinking!
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    Ear phones other than buds?

    big ear canals Since I have nice big ear canals, the buds are fine. But I can understand them not being so comfi if you have average canals. The designers probably have thought of that, if not they need some logic classes.
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    Sweet spot? Yes what about trouble with receiving or sending calls in the country. Some places only serve certain providers...
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    Who Will Make The Perfect Case?

    padding or waterproofing I think they'll need to make a safe case for this precious new treasure, Some bright colors with patterns would be cool.
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    iPhone Cases

    How about strong padding for us fumble fingers folks? Does anyone else have trouble with accidentally dropping cell phones? I've found that I have to buy a special case that is stronger than most, I hope the Apple company has thought of us clumsey types!