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  1. Laylapotata

    So should I bite the bullet and install iOS 6? In my iPhone 4?

    After getting my old 3G totally hosed a couple years ago by 4.1 I'm scared shitless to do it again. How's it going for other 4 owners out there?
  2. Laylapotata

    Upgrade issues?

    Do the older generation iPads have the same kinds of upgrade issues that the older iPhones do? (eg. iPhone 3G got very slow with the 4.3 update). I would like to get a first or second generation refurb but I don't even want one if I'm going to find out it gets hosed with the latest upgrade like...
  3. Laylapotata

    Need electronic geeks' advise

    So here's my problem. My daughter had a nice stack of blank printed circuit boards a friend gave her that they found, that she was intending on making jewelry from. They were lying around for months and I decided to toss them, not knowing what they could possibly be for. Well, she's...
  4. Laylapotata

    My phone restarted itself

    What makes that happen? This phone has been reliable since day 1, is it getting wonky?
  5. Laylapotata

    Why do I need an iPad?

    Hey guys. Sell me on this thing. My laptop probably has only a year or two left and hubby is trying to sell me on the iPad instead. Outside if portability, what are the advantages? He says I don't need a laptop because all I do is surf the web but that's not all I do. I rip and burn CDs...
  6. Laylapotata

    Help me decide!

    I can buy a 2 month old, 8 gig iPhone 4 or a 16 gig iPhone 4, age unknown for same price about 320 bucks. Both are described as "mint", no scratches anywhere. The 8 gig is supposedly still under Apple warranty. Which one would YOU go with? As far as memory, I'm kind of in the middle...
  7. Laylapotata

    fix that autocorrect

    Just a little fix I found. Most experienced users will say Duh! but I'm a rookie with smart phones and thought others like me might benefit. I used the shortcuts (general-keyboards-shortcuts) menu to fix the autocorrect fixes that drive me nuts, such as it always substituting the word "do"...