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  1. jjsquizz

    iPod firmware

    I had to restore my ipod touch 2g because of problems. In trying to jailbreak 4.2.1, I am running into problems getting the ipsw to show up when I use shift-restore in iTunes. This happened before, but a long time ago. Forgot what I did to correct problem. Please help.
  2. jjsquizz

    Converted songs to .m4r, ringtones won't sync to iPhone

    I am trying to personalize my phone by putting ringtones on it. I converted the songs to .m4r. They show up in my ringtones file on iTunes, but they won't sync to the phone. Help please.
  3. jjsquizz

    firmware downgrade

    How do you get the firmware to show up to downgrade. I've downloaded it. Saved it to desktop. Pressed shift, restore and nothing shows up. It's a PC. Help me please.
  4. jjsquizz

    1st gen iPhone

    I haven't been here forever. Everything has changed. Please help me if you can. I found a 1st gen iPhone at my job and I waited and waited for the person to come back. Never did. I would have tried to contact them, but the phone has a passcode enabled. Is there ANY way to get pass that?
  5. jjsquizz

    App Store sign in

    First of all, I haven't been around for awhile, so forgive me if this is a stupid ?. I have a friend with a new 3g iPhone and she is trying to check out the app store. It asked her for username and password. She tried Apple id, but no go. Can someone help me help her, please?
  6. jjsquizz

    Bluetooth Issue

    I don't know if this is the right forum, but has anyone had trouble with their bluetooth? I restored my phone, rejailbroke, and my bluetooth was fine. Today I checked and it says unavailable. I reset the settings, nothing. Still unavailable. I rebooted and reset several times, no sale. Help!
  7. jjsquizz

    Swirly MMS Settings

    I'it.m trying to find the settings for swirly mms for T-mobile. I looked( not near as hard as I should have)and couldn't find the thread. If someone knows where it is or how I can find it, I would greatly appreciate
  8. jjsquizz

    I Might Have Bricked My Phone

    I was having issues with my phone, so I tried to restore and do it all in ziPhone again, but the phone won't complete activation in iTunes. Every time I try to use ZiPhone, it tells me that the phone needs to complete activation in iTunes. Now I'm stuck and need HELP!
  9. jjsquizz

    Restoring An Unlocked Phone

    I am trying to find out is it ok to restore and jb, unlock an already unlocked phone again. I'm having some issues and want to try that. HELP
  10. jjsquizz

    Capture & Wallpaper

    For all of you that miss the wallpaper app that saves pics to camera roll(ver. 1.8), I use the capture app to save wallpaper pics to camera roll. This gives you more flexibilty. Plus it doesn't disappear after a sync. I now can live with the new wallpaper app. lol
  11. jjsquizz

    imChat Question

    Does anyone know what happened to iChat ,or is it imChat, went? I can't find it in installer. Maybe there is a source that I don't have that it could be in. If anyone can give me a source, it would be appeciated.
  12. jjsquizz

    BSD Subsystem

    Can anyone tell me how I'm suppposed to dl BSD Subsystem? I keep getting " error- package download failed? Isn't this suppose to be an important app to be used to help other apps?
  13. jjsquizz

    Tiny question mark where the welcome box is in Installer?

    Does anyone have tiny question mark where the welcome box is in installer? There's supposed to be a big blue square right above "welcome to installer"
  14. jjsquizz

    Wallpaper Question

    I recently saw a thread showing the old wallpaper app that saves pictures on camera roll. Does anyone know where it is? HELP!
  15. jjsquizz

    Youtube And Mail Fix

    I know there is a thread about this, but I've tried both fixes and neither one works. My Gmail kicked in , but I keep getting an error saying " the username and password are incorrect" which is total bull. Does anyone have a solution to this problem. I just jailbroke, unlocked, activated my...
  16. jjsquizz

    1.1.4 Mod

    I am currently on 1.1.4 jb, legit ATT cust. I am willing to pay the early termination fee. ATT SUCKS! My question is, if I unlock and jb my phone, will there be any problem with safari or will it change to T-mobile windows mobile. (Which I hate) I don't think it will, but just want to be sure...
  17. jjsquizz

    1.1.3 to 1.1.4 BIG PROBLEMS. HELP!

    I restored and updated to 1.1.4 from 1.1.3. Jailbroke ZiPhone. Everything went fine. No problems to speak of with apps. Now, today I reboot my phone and it says "version 1.1.3". I gop to iTunes and it says 1.1.3 and that my phone is up to date. I reboot my phone again and it changes back to...
  18. jjsquizz

    movies not playing.

    My sister has an ipod 8gb. WE used ziPhone to jailbreak. everything worked, but when she tried to play her movies, it said "this movie cannot be played". Is someone familiar with this problem? I need help!:frown:
  19. jjsquizz

    unlocked,jailbroken 1.1.1 HELP !

    have a friend with unlocked, jailbroken 1.1.1. Can he update through iTunes and use ZiPhone to unlock and in his phone?
  20. jjsquizz

    ZiPhone jailbreak

    Just a question. Can I use ZiPhone to jailbreak an ipod 8gb also? Sounds stupid, but if u don't know, u don't know.