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    Can't restore iPhone when downgrading?

    Hello all, I am in the process of downgrading my iPhone and everything went well. Except when I select the restore file after it extracts iTunes says that my phone can not be restored? Does anyone have any ideas of what I could be doing wrong? My iPhone is just sitting in recovery mode....
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    New iPods next week, or shortly after?

    From insanelymac " Another "Steve-note" has been confirmed by Apple for the 5th of September. Many suspect that the timing coincides perfectly with recent reports by AppleInsider indicating the near release of new iPods. As you may know, Steve Jobs made mention of a future release of an OS...
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    Can't drag music over?

    For some reason I cant drag cd's from my iTunes to my iPhone, it just has the circle slash cursor. I have jailbreaked my phone, v1.0.2. Vista...latest iTunes...
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    Can't update or restore, getting errors.

    Yep...cant do either. Tried to for the new update. Now my phone just says "connect to iTunes" which it does, then tries to restore, then i get this error... Then after this it says So this is what I have done. Jailbreak SSH NES and Added a ringtone and changed my theme/icons What can I...
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    Anyone here running a hackintosh?

    Anyone? :2cool:
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    We need SNES

    Why even bother with NES? SNES would be much more fun to play around with IMO...better games/gfx. Im sure the phone has enough power to support an snes emulator no? Someone port snes9x :D I haven't even seen any chat about it here...
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    User/Password for WinSCP?

    I have SSH installed and running, I can connect to my iPhone but it asks for a user/pass? I tried root/blank with no luck. Anyone know what I need to do so I can transfer files?
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    MAC Filtering

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I need to know how do I find the mac address of my iPhone wifi? This would be a big help. Thanks.
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    Quick icon/bg text

    Quick icon/bg question I just finished aligning all my icons on the bg of my choice using the .psd from modmyiPhones site, it says after your done save it as icon.png. It does not mention cropping it to size, is this required before uploading it to the phone?