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  1. coolpox003

    iPhone Racing Games

    I think I am gonna try GTS Racing World first and i'll just have to decide between Cro Mag & Crash.... Maybe I'll just get them all... hmmm. Thanks to Everyone for your opinions! :laugh2:
  2. coolpox003

    iPhone Racing Games

    I'm undecided about which iPhone Racing/Cart game I should get. Any Suggestions? Thanks!
  3. coolpox003

    Cant re-mod my phone? iTunes got us

    fustrating is when you have a PPC iMac (not intel) and you've never been able to hack even though you want to so bad!
  4. coolpox003

    Jailbreak Not Executing? HELP

    Thanks everyone, but i found another post that talks about my problem.. I am on a PPC iMac g5 (not intel) so neither using the jailbreak method or iFuntastic works for me... this iFunsucks! lol i want to mod my iPhone too! :laugh2:
  5. coolpox003

    No help for PPC users?

    anything yet Come on Programmars.... We want to hack too!
  6. coolpox003

    Jailbreak Not Executing? HELP

    *** NEVERMIND.. I guess PPC Mac Users can't hack*** I have all the fils in the "phonedmg" and I'm able to "cd phonedmg" but when I type "./jailbreak" I get the follwoing error. ----------------- Last login: Sun Jul 29 15:04:27 on ttyp1 Welcome to Darwin! jason-thompsons-imac-g5:~ coolpox003$...
  7. coolpox003

    Is EDGE Down right now? 7/14/07 -11:28am

  8. coolpox003

    Is EDGE Down right now? 7/14/07 -11:28am

    I'm in the Houston, TX area and can't get to any websites.... Was wondering if anyone elses was having problems.
  9. coolpox003

    Save music other than from iTunes onto the iPhone?

    yep, to me this is the easiest way.... thats what i did
  10. coolpox003

    Anyone know when we can buy ringtones?

    Not yet.. it appears we're stuck with the limited amount preset to the iPhone.... I can't even bluetooth the ones I made myself from my imac to my iPhone... access is restricted... I'm sure Apple is going to have ringtones available through iTunes for sell in the next few months once the iPhone...
  11. coolpox003

    Anyone else experience iPhone envy from public?

    i've gotten the "they pay you way too much" line many times.. lol, but most of the time people are just amazed with the iPhone... I get stopped all the time, at work, at the video store, grocery store.... everywhere... People are like "Can i see..." and I just smile ith glee because I love the...
  12. coolpox003

    Safari + EDGE --> no incoming calls?

    I know that if you're talking to someone on the phone and you want to send them a picture via email while on the phone or surf safari and your on EDGE it tells you that it can't do it.... I'm not sure about the other way around though.... but I presume it's probably the same...
  13. coolpox003

    Edge or wait for 3G iPhone

    I was actually surprised at the speed of edge... I thought it was going to be much slower... it actually surfs the web pretty nicely..... I love it....
  14. coolpox003

    How to send text messages to more than one recipient?

    Apple is known for new updates and I'm sure there will be many improvements made for the iPhone. There is no way they expect us to use these ringers forever.
  15. coolpox003

    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    awesome! Thanks a lot for that info! i found it now... now only if i could add my own ringones... it will happpen one day! Thanks Again!
  16. coolpox003

    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    I love my iPhone. I was first in line at an At&t store. I think it's awesome to be able to use a phone to post on a forum like im doing now. There are 3 things i'd like to see Apple change though. 1. Ability to take video with the camera 2. To be able to text pics or video 3. To be able to add...
  17. coolpox003

    How to Deleted a Photo imported from iPhoto?

    I figured it out... you have to go back to iPhoto and if there is a picture you want removed, take it out of the Album you imported and re-sync and it'll delete it from your phone... I guess same would go for Music as well...
  18. coolpox003

    send files with Bluetooth?

    Will this work if they have sprint or tmobile or any other provider or is it only for others who have AT&T?
  19. coolpox003

    How to Deleted a Photo imported from iPhoto?

    Ok, I'm imported several photos from iPhoto and now I want to delete one from my iPhone. I see how to delete a photo from the camera roll but I don't see how to do it if it's one from iPhoto. Any help appreciated! :laugh2: JT
  20. coolpox003

    Any news on wall or car chargers for the iPhone? just found that, hope it helps!