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  1. comncense

    iOS6 Beta 3 & MMS

    Anyone else unable to send picture messages once they installed beta 3?
  2. comncense

    Facebook app and Jailbroken phones

    It seems a lot of people on the App Store's review page for Facebook are saying that the latest update for the Facebook app doesn't work with jailbroken phones. I updated Facebook yesterday when the update was released and haven't been able to login since. Anyone else with a jailbroken phone...
  3. comncense

    iPhone 4 and iOS 4.01

    Should we hold off on updating to iOS 4.01 if we are interested in jailbreaking later? I really want to update to take advantage of the new bluetooth controls. It'll really come in handy during those hour drives to work each morning.
  4. comncense

    Micro-SIM Card and Phone Number

    I saw someone address this one here or some other forum... But I need to switch over to a new phone number. I called AT&T a couple of weeks ago and they advised me against changing numbers before I got my new iPhone. The rep claimed that changing numbers would change my upgrade eligibility. So...
  5. comncense

    Wipe my iPhone but keep 3.1.2

    I want to wipe my iPhone and have it revert back to a default 3.1.2 phone. It's currently jailbroken and setup on 3.1.2, but I'm planning on selling it and I of course want to wipe all of my info off of it. Is there an easy way to do this or do I still need to follow Saurik's method using my...
  6. comncense

    Hard Wipe of phone without iTunes

    Ok, I was wondering if there's a way to do a hard wipe of a v1 phone without using iTunes. For some reason the phone can't be restored using iTunes and right now it's sitting on the boot screen, so I can't even get into the Settings area to wipe it there either. Any ideas?
  7. comncense

    3G and Reception

    Anyone know if the reception will be more reliable in the new v2 phones? I do live in a 3G area but my current v1 iPhone gets horrible reception at my house (which is funny because I live a block away from an AT&T store), and it drops calls constantly. I was just wondering if I can expect better...
  8. comncense

    Pwnage Tools 1.1 and iPhone 1.1.4

    Is Pwnage Tools not compatible with 1.1.4 iPhones? When running Pwnage, I'm able to hit the "Browse .ipsw" button and it does what it should, but the "iPwner" button isn't active so I can't even press it. I'm not sure if I'm missing anything but after searching all over the place, I still don't...
  9. comncense

    Syncing contacts from the Mac and adding them to the iPhone

    Ok, somehow I managed to delete a bunch of my contacts out of my iPhone, but good thing is... I had all of my contacts backed up in Address Book on my Mac. However, when I go to sync it seems to want to sync my Mac to what is existing in my iPhone, which would delete all the contacts that I...