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  1. coolpox003

    iPhone Racing Games

    I'm undecided about which iPhone Racing/Cart game I should get. Any Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. coolpox003

    Jailbreak Not Executing? HELP

    *** NEVERMIND.. I guess PPC Mac Users can't hack*** I have all the fils in the "phonedmg" and I'm able to "cd phonedmg" but when I type "./jailbreak" I get the follwoing error. ----------------- Last login: Sun Jul 29 15:04:27 on ttyp1 Welcome to Darwin! jason-thompsons-imac-g5:~ coolpox003$...
  3. coolpox003

    Is EDGE Down right now? 7/14/07 -11:28am

    I'm in the Houston, TX area and can't get to any websites.... Was wondering if anyone elses was having problems.
  4. coolpox003

    How to Deleted a Photo imported from iPhoto?

    Ok, I'm imported several photos from iPhoto and now I want to delete one from my iPhone. I see how to delete a photo from the camera roll but I don't see how to do it if it's one from iPhoto. Any help appreciated! :laugh2: JT
  5. coolpox003

    New plans from AT&T and more.....

    Hi everyone... I've been lurking awhile and wanted to share a little news I heard yesterday. It may already be known but I just wanted to post this in case. I work for a credit union in Texas who also services AT&T employees(formerly SBC employees).... Anyway, I had a guy come in wearing an...
  6. coolpox003

    Camping in Houston or Clear Lake, TX?

    Anyone here around the Clear Lake area plan on camping?