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    iPad Bluetooth

    @the watcher that makes sense because I believe iPad 2 was updated to Bluetooth 4.0. Although I am unaware of any "synching" abilities this affords other than it can simply connect to your Mac.
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    The official new iPad pre-order thread

    Not to be rude but I didn't quote you because I wasn't talking to you. So...
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    The official new iPad pre-order thread

    There are dynamics to a marriage you don't understand. It's about respecting your wife/husband and giving them a heads up. You obviously don't get the "we" in marriage otherwise you wouldn't be talking about "your" hard earned money. It's very obvious you aren't married. Happy wife happy home :).
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    The official new iPad pre-order thread

    Mine says shipped as of 20 minutes ago. Arrival on 3/16
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    The official new iPad pre-order thread

    Coming from iPad 1 16G wifi, upgraded to a white 32G wifi +4G AT&T.
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    Which new iPad are you buying or not buying?

    32G wifi +4G white
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    Naming a document in Pages?

    I was just wondering that today. In the "my documents" window just click on the name of the document, in this case "blank", you can then change it to whatever you like. This does not work if you are in the document you have to be in the "my document" section.
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    iPad Case "Pick To Win" Giveaway

    I will try for the Marware Eco-Envi case.
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    iPad Forums Giveaway #6: $10 iTunes Gift Card Ends at 6:00 pm

    A girl can never have too many iTunes gift cards, is what i always say. :)
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    Have you allotted the whole day for the iPad?

    I would be weary of "showing off" too much. I remember when the 1st gen iPhone was released and people were getting robbed for them. Just be careful it's not that serious.
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    How Will Apple Ship The iPad?

    Definitely, a tried and true bonafide Apple t-shirt. lol
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    Switching from iPhone to iPad

    Within the ridicule of the original poster someone else mentioned skype. Not one time is it mentioned that anyone was dropping there phone entirely for an iPad.
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    Switching from iPhone to iPad

    This I know. I was simply stating that she has viable options. Also in the not so distant past iPhone was riding edge just fine.
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    Reserve an iPad for In-Store Pickup

    I believe a couple of days or so prior to launch those that pre-ordered will receive an email they will need to print out with some sort of number or code. You take this with you for pick-up. They set up two lines at the store one for pre-orders and one for regular customers. The pre-orderers...
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    Switching from iPhone to iPad

    We are talking about T-Mobile not AT&T. So she could essentially unlock her phone and use it on T-Mobile and cover data by adding a web connect plan which is a plan for web enabled "dummy" phones. That plan is only a fraction of the cost of a data add on on AT&T. @Lizy That plan is very doable...
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    Switching from iPhone to iPad

    I don't see a problem with people ditching their iPhones once they purchase the ipad. According to "their" needs they don't see the need to pay for the iPhone plans. iPhone plans are costlier than other plans. If you switch to another phone you will only pay for phone/voice services and not...
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    Are Steve's models jailbroken?

    It's their product so I am sure they "tweaked' it a lil bit for the purposes of the presentation.
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    Kindle app for the iPad is in the works

    Actually the iBooks App in itself will be available to download from the app store at launch. It does not come preloaded on the iPad. Therefore it's in the same boat as the B&N app as well as the Kindle app. This isn't a core functionality of the iPad it is a user option. This being the case i...
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    Apple selling 20k iPad an Hour? WTF!>!

    I think Mr. Jobs will do what he has to do in order to sell as many iPads as possible. He has created a sub-genre thereby it is the first of it's kind. Typically these types of products don't do well. That being said, Mr Jobs will reduce the price of the iPad if he feels this will facilitate an...
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    Apple selling 20k iPad an Hour? WTF!>!

    This is also true. i expect a price drop around June or maybe even before then. I just have a feelin Mr. Jobs is gonna pull a fast one. P.S. I love your Avatar. Just too cute.