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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    ahh everytime im on the internet it randomly closes. its getting me really fusturated :foot: is their anything i can do to fix it? i love the internet but it keeps closing =/ any help?
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    Major dilemma!

    ook soo today i was planning for my mom to take me at 6 to get my iPhone but now shes in a really bad mood so i highly doubt i can get it. so do you think i should ask her to order it? the only problem with that is i have no idea when it'll come and i cannot wait a week. or should i beggggg to...
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    this time next week....

    what will you be doing? i know im probably going to be way too excited to sleep and maybe dreaming of the events following the next day :tounge: haha so what about you guys? or am i alone..