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  1. iWant iPhone

    How often does Safari crash?

    never has crashed on me. *knocks on wood*
  2. iWant iPhone

    What cases have you seen...

    i think im getting this Vaja case, they are so NICE!
  3. iWant iPhone

    What cases have you seen...

    yes these look HELLA nice, i may order one of those.
  4. iWant iPhone

    Resolution for iPhone wallpapers?

    320w x 480h 160 ppi
  5. iWant iPhone

    How Long Did You Wait?

    5 hours and 15 mins, 3rd in Line, 8 GB iPhone.
  6. iWant iPhone

    Has anyone asked you about your iPhone In public?

    yes i have been asked multiple times.
  7. iWant iPhone

    I want to make separate folders in my photos!

    ooooo, hmmmmmmm, i selected a folder, they just came over as separate images, will try again.
  8. iWant iPhone

    I want to make separate folders in my photos!

    does anyone know how to do it yet? in the videos i thought it showed him having folders of paris/london whatever etc.... i would like to have folders. like a folder of all my contact people pics, folder of wallpapers, folder of " " etc.
  9. iWant iPhone

    battery charge time

    the first time i charged it, it took a while, but i got a full charge. so i used it a ton to get it to drain the battery completely yesterday. plugged it into the wall when i went to bed around 4 30 am, woke up around noon and it still wasn't charged? wtf is up with that. i even had the...
  10. iWant iPhone

    Phone gets hot when used a lot?

    every cell phone ive ever used gets hot after use. imagine talking to someone for 5 hours straight, did that the other night, not with iPhone, that baby was piping!
  11. iWant iPhone

    Which is better Gmail or Yahoo?

    i have a yahoo account (my primary) and a gmail account.
  12. iWant iPhone

    Cleaning Glass

    yes, can you use eye glass cleaner?
  13. iWant iPhone

    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    i love the freaking thing. i just want to get some new stuff figured out. #1 i want to get custom ring tones working soon, that would be really nice. if this never gets implemented, or does, but its that .99 per one thing or whatever i will be really really mad. Huge step back in my opinion...
  14. iWant iPhone

    Internet and receiving calls?

    i know you cant do edge and talk at the same time, but earlier today i was on wifi and all of a sudden i got a buzz, went to the home screen and noticed i had a voice mail. my phone never even rang? now the night before, i was on the phone first, put the person on speakerphone then...
  15. iWant iPhone

    Getting a Full Charge?

    agreed, thats how i finally got the full charge.
  16. iWant iPhone

    Can't get hold of an Apple iPhone

    why don't you just say, "I stood in line to get one the first day, so I could put it on ebay to make a profit!" lol Apple stores still have plenty, why overpay on ebay, when you can walk in and pay normal price.
  17. iWant iPhone

    iPhone activation for current Cingular customers

    it asks like, email, phone number and last 4 digits of SSN. everything else was automatic after that, just pulls the rest off the account. it keeps your current voice plan, i don't think there was an option to change it, it just makes you add the data.
  18. iWant iPhone

    Moving old Cingular number to new iPhone

    yes i did it, the whole process seriously only took me around 3 mins.
  19. iWant iPhone

    Getting a Full Charge?

    finally got a full charge!
  20. iWant iPhone

    Getting a Full Charge?

    no, different.