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    More iPhone secrets revealed with the release of Leopard?

    Watch it again, he states it runs OSX
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    More iPhone secrets revealed with the release of Leopard?

    The keynote states that the iPhone runs the Full OSx. I think that the release time of the iPhone will be the same time Lepard is released. Late spring.
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    just watched demo on the iPhone

    This can't be better said. I love how all the lawsuits are comming out. Apple has the nich and everyone else is jealous.
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    iPhone vs. Web

    iPhone will run the ful version of Safari. So I would say yes you will be able to access secure site and multiple pages while only having to log in once.
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    iPhone OS question

    You will be able to cut and paste on the device, if I remember correctly the keynote shows this in the demo of the device. I would have to rewatch agian to confirm. Not like i have seem it 1000 times.
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    The be all end all device

    The iPhone I believe will be the be all end all device. This will be the first fully functioning mobile PC running a full OS. By stock in Apple before June, its going to go up..... I have been using MAC's for a year now and would not buy a Windows PC again. I can do everything and then some...
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    Anything similar to iSync for Windows?

    iPhone will sync via iTunes which runs on Windows.
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    Will iPhone be sync with MS Outlook?

    I believe Apple will include a function or 3rd party software package to do that. If not by a MAC... :laugh2: