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  1. firefighterjmar

    call waiting tone

    Hey all, I got my 32 3gs on the day it came out. I love it, especially coming from the 1st iPhone version but i am having a couple of issues. First, whenever my call waiting tone goes off, the other person im on the phone with can hear it perfectly. is this something anyone else has...
  2. firefighterjmar

    iPhone commercial ringtone request

    hello all. can someone please make a ringtone out of the song that is playing in the background of the iPhone television commercials. not the actual ringtone from the phone. I already have that, but the background song. I'd greatly appreciate it.
  3. firefighterjmar

    1.1.1 speakerphone volume

    are everyone's speakerphone volume louder? i updated but volume is still the same (extremely low).
  4. firefighterjmar

    anyone else having problems with I keep trying to log on to see messages people are sending me, but it keeps saying something about server not responding. This sucks! Definitely an iPhone downfall. Anyone else having the same problems or find a way around this? I know I...
  5. firefighterjmar

    need help modding

    hello, i'm seriously considering modding my iPhone. i've read over and over these threads on how to mod, but i'm so confused now. there's like a thousand programs out there (jailbreak, iNdependence, apptapp, blah, blah, blah). i don't know which ones to use. can someone give me instructions on...
  6. firefighterjmar


    hello, i read that apptapp doesn't void the warranty. then i read somewhere else that it does. does anyone have an answer for this. i just want to put nes on my phone.
  7. firefighterjmar

    probably a dumb question about Apple events

    hey guys i'm sure this is a dumb question, but i have no idea so i figured i might as well ask. since Apple is having an event today, and say if they do unveil a new touchscreen ipod or whatever would they start selling it today also? or would today just be the date they show it, and announce...
  8. firefighterjmar

    any word on an update?

    Has anyone heard anything of an upcoming software update for the iPhone? I'm getting anxious to see if anything new comes with update.