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    happening to anyone else?

    Is anyone else experiencing bad audio/video syncing problems when looking at youtube videos? I get a little with my videos but not half as bad as the youtube videos. I even let the clips fully load and that didn't solve the problem. any thoughts?
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    where are u puttting your stickers?

    with the iPhone u got two Apple stickers. Where are u putting urs? I put mine on my pc and on the dashboard of my car
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    Can I exchange iPhone for one with more storage?

    I recently bought a 4gb iPhone and I realized that an 8gb would be more suitable for me. Im still within my 14 day return period and I'm aware of the restocking fee but I do not have a receipt. Do you think the guys at the Apple store would allow me to upgrade to the 8gb and I pay the difference?
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    A note about the speakers on the iPhone

    Has anyone noticed that the majority of sounds coming from the iPhone come from one speaker? Whether it be a song or a ringtone, I noticed that one speaker plays a lot louder than the other. Is your iPhone like that? or is mine defective?:2cool:
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    Aim express=text message

    I was thinking, since aim express is technically a website, would messages sent through aim express count as text messages or no? Does anyone know for sure?
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    Internet and receiving calls?

    Is it true that if you are on the internet on your iPhone, calls will be routed to your voicemail? because I told my friend to call my iPhone when I was browsing the internet on it and he could not get through, I was standing right next to him. If this is the way it is supposed to be then thats...