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    I stuck with 1.1.1 and passed on 1.1.2 because I didn't want to loose some apps but now I think I'm ready to go ahead with this patch. Do I still need to revirginize my iPhone or is that something that has since been worked out in the updating process? If so does anyone have a link to that...
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    Right click with VNC or Teleknisis

    Using the iPhone with a remote system, how does one execute a "right click". For anyone who plays World of Warcraft, I am trying to set up a character right next to the auction house so that I can log in on my iPhone, right click the auction house and open the vendor. I can only do this with...
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    Ready for 1.1.1. (now what)

    With the new apptap (looks GREAT) recommending 1.1.1. I feel ready to make the leap in firmware. I need to ask a few things so I make sure my info is protected. First - Will the firmware upgrade wipe all existing apps and I'll have to reload? Second - Is it safe to upgrade to the new iTunes...
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    3rd Party Support by Apple?

    If you want to send Apple a message about your desire to have the iPhone open to 3rd party developers feel free to do what I did. Show them that the industry is headed that way and if they don't keep up they stand to loose the market share. Let me show you what I mean. May I introduce Openmoko...
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    iPhoneRingtonemaker sync issue

    I just noticed that no matter what I have to sync on my iPhone it wipes out ALL of my ring tones EVERY TIME! Want to load on a new podcast... ringtones gone. Want to add a new song... ringtones gone. Want to sync my contacts... RINGTONES GONE! I appreciate it allows me to send them back to my...
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    Sync/Back-up "Notes"

    So... as a new upgrade is on the horizon I want to make sure I can save as much data as I can off my phone. My calendar and contacts are in my outlook... check. My notes have no application to back up and restore! Anyone have an export tool?
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    NES: If it's going to work offically

    Then NES and Apple are going to have to come up with a line of bluetooth controllers. But that could be a good thing. Depending on the platform you emulate you switch to the controller of your liking, map the keys and play without taking up screen real estate. If Apple is watching this forum...
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    Loading Non-iTunes MP3's into open phone

    Sorry for the festival of noobery but I tried to load mp3's that were not purchased in the iTunes store and it said it could not sync them because there was an error in my firmware. It wanted to wipe my phone and restore the factory settings... pfft. yes, right. So, my question is: Can I just...
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    How do you manage icons?

    As I add mods I find that my "launcher" icon (the one the lets me see more than 16 icons) is being pushed out. Is there an app that allows you to manage your own icon priority? Something with an interface that drags and drops like the ipod configuration tool for editing icons?
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    Anyone have a source of Infocom z3/5/8 Files?

    I'm stoked the NES emulator made it over but while I lode ROMs I realize without a bluetooth controller this is no platform to be playing NES games. But the text game emulator ROCKS! I think the infocom games are much better suited but I can't find an archive of the z3 z5 or z8 file to put in...