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    No Service phone next to full bar phone issues

    For some odd reason in my house i will constantly drop from full strength/bars to "No service"/no bars. My iPhone will remain with no service usually for serveral minutes. I have tried restarting and it still have no service after booting back up. only after several minutes will it come back...
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    Using 3G with iPhone(edge) SIM

    Yesterday I popped my SIM into a new 3G that my friend had purchased. I still have the older Edge network iPhone/Plan, but I was able to make calls on the 3G with my SIM. I was curious if this was using the 3G network, or if it uses the edge network? I didn't really have time to compare internet...
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    Downgrading iPhone plan on AT&T

    Is it possible to downgrade from an iPhone plan to a regular AT&T wireless plan?
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    Is YouTube only available w/ contract?

    So I activated my phone but am not signed up w/ and cell provider yet. internet works with WiFi. But when I click on the Youtube application, it doesn't connect. Also having problems with setting up email as it is sayying outgoing server cant connect. I know the settings are identical to my...