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    HELP! Can't sync after iTunes update!

    Help! Can't sync after update to iTunes 8. I get an error message that it cannot read from the attached device. Any suggestions? I had my iPhone in airplane mode when I tried, not sure what effect that might have had.
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    Power button getting loose on iPhone 3G

    The oval-shaped silver button on top of my iPhone is getting loose. If I shake the phone lightly I can hear a rattle and the button is a bit more recessed into the body of the phone than it used to be. Is anybody else having this problem? My friend had a 3G that he had to take back and get...
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    Shazam: The Most Amazing Application I've Ever Seen. Ever.

    Say you are watching a TV show, or a movie, or listening to the radio, or out at a bar, and you hear a song, and you wonder, boy, who is this? With Shazam, you hit a button on the iPhone, the phone "listens" to the song for about ten seconds and then tells you what song it is. Its the most...