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    "Unlocked" iPhone 3G Searching for Network.

    I purchased an iPhone 3G today, I jailbroke it with Pwnage Tool. After creating the custom restore and everything I tried unlocking it using UltraSn0w, I was sure to turn off 3g and restarted the phone everything. But when I inserted my sim all it will show is searching... I never have this...
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    Checked Songs

    I am currently shuffling through my library and the only songs playing are the ones I have checked to sync with my iPhone is there anyway to fix this where the unchecked songs get played too?
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    MacBook Pro Displaying MBP on TV, What cords are needed?

    In order to connect my MBP to my TV, what cord do I need that goes from the TV to the DVI adapter? Thanks.
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    What is the APN address, user name and password when using T-MobileWeb? Thanks.
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    Uninstalling Installer.

    How do I uninstall Installer? I thought it would be as easy as clicking on Uninstall then Installer and it would be at the top right but instead mine says Reinstall? suggestions?
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    Help. please?

    Trying to find help unlocking iPhone. I just purchased one and have tried everything. I even bought iPhoneSimFree and try using Simfree V1.8 to unlock my sim card but there is alway an error when connecting like "Unlock Failed. Error Baseband Communications." so now I dunno what to do. Any help...
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    30G Video won't sync

    Im trying to sync my ipod and it wont stay connected. when I plug it up it stays on the do not disconnect screen for a litte bit and then after about 5 seconds it goes back to the main menu. Any suggestions? I tried to uninstall and reinstall iTunes but it didn't work.
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    Only Text/Data

    Is there a way to get only text and data plans. without minutes? I never use em so why even bother? Thanks in advance.
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    Just Curious...

    Is it possible to get the iPhone without a contract and just use it for an iPod? I don't turn 19 till April. So I cant sign a contract. don't have anyone to co-sign. And I'm dying to own it!