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    I have to toot my own horn, just a little...

    I've found that by keeping the screen brightness down toward the bottom end the battery life is UBER long! At first it seemed like it was too dim, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I can listen to music all day at work (approx 8 hours of use), make plenty of calls (on breaks), and still not...
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    Picture messaging should be better for $500 phone

    To the person/people that this IS working for.... are you putting in the # all in one run, or putting in dots or what? i.e.,, or
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    on WiFi not mine?

    I'm thinking, if your neighbor wasn't smart enough to put a password on his wifi netork, then he/she's not smart enough to know if you (or anyone else) is connected to it... I say don't buy a router until you have to ;o)
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    Who won the iPhone contest?

    So am I understanding that this came down to a 1 in 183 chance of winning?! Those are the best odds for a giveaway EVER! Well, nothing against whoever's name did come out of the hat, but if they haven't been watching their email like a hawk looking for an email from you, then they don't...
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    What stuff are you gonna get with the phone?

    Oh yeah, and as far as Applecare goes... a couple people have mentioned they hope it covers if they drop the iPhone. One thing I've noticed with Apple is that they are EXTREMELY scrutinative (is that a word?) when you need repairs. If they see any visible sign of "misuse", i.e. they can tell (or...
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    What stuff are you gonna get with the phone?

    From the reviews from people who have actually touched an iPhone that I've read, it's my understanding that the screen on the iPhone ONLY works with the touch of a human finger (although I don't think they were able to break into area 57 and test the alien fingers.... so MAYBE those work too). A...
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    AT&T Plan Pricing Structure

    As it stands currently, cingular offers unlimited data on smart phone plans for $19.99/month. I would ASSUME this is what will apply for the iPhone plans... Here's something I haven't heard about.... or maybe I just missed it... do we know if the iPhone uses a SIM card? If not, do you think...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I think the 9-iron will be a better choice :tounge:
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hello everyone, so I joined a few weeks ago but didn't post one of these yet, so here goes. Just wanted to say hey and let eveyone know that, ss I'm sure you'll be able to guess from my name, I'm a full on golf addict. I'm not seeking treatment at this time, nor do I intend to in the near...
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    I want an iPhone SANS the phone!

    Ah, touche (is that how you spell that? -- pronounce "too-shay"). I guess I wasn't thinking about using it in places with wifi (which could be more than just at home, e.g., coffe shops, bookstores, etc)...
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    I want an iPhone SANS the phone!

    I think the main challenge with something like that is who do you get mobile internet service from if it's not one of the cell phone carriers? And if the answer is, you do get it from one of the cell carriers then you're back at the question about using the existing iPhone with other carriers...
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    Who is using what?

    My first computer was a PowerMac 7200, 75 Mhz processor.... and I THINK it might have had 16 MB of RAM when I got it and I too upgraded to 32MB at some point... and that was a crazy lot to have back then...this was the first mac I ever owned, but of course we had the old Apple IIe in my...
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    iPhone radio

    I'm gonna go ahead and say that if I had to wager one way I'd say it will NOT have a built in FM tuner. I think (as we've stated) the ability to listen to radio via the internet connection will be the only way to do it... so let's hope this EDGE thing is that good...
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    I think I'm gonna have to wait to see what's NOT on the finished product of this one before I know what I think it's missing... I would like the camera to be massively upgraded -- to at least 6.0 MP. But I say that for all phones in general. You can't tell me that a 6.0 mp camera takes up any...
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    iPhone on an airplane?

    I think the hardest part will be convincing the airline empoyees (flight attendants) that your phone really ISN'T on... cause you know you can't really argue with them... it scares people.
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    Only Cingular?

    The iPhone price point seems to be set at $499 for the 4 gig and $599 for th 8 gig. There also seems to be quite a lot of talk out there about how Apple will not be allowing Cingular to offer the iPhone at a discounted rate like all cell services do with every other phone. Apparently a lot of...
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    Early Launch. Apple orders parts.

    It would be cool if it came out early, but Apple RARELY releases things early. Plus, I THINK the WWDC is in June, which, you know is the way they like to officially release things...
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    iPhone radio

    This is one of the biggest things I want to know about. I'm a Sirius subscriber and I'm PRAYING that I'll be able to listen to Sirius (ok -- Howard Stern) through my iPhone while I'm at work.
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    And how is Cingular these days?

    I've had Cingular for years and in 4 different states and everywhere I've lived it's been one of the better services to have. The customer service is somewhat poor, but that's to be expected from any call center (sadly.) (And I can say that because I've worked in a call center or two...) Of...
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    Speed Connecting to Internet

    Streaming Has anyone used the EDGE connection on a phone yet (or other device)? How does it do with continuously streaming info such as internet radio (like, say.... Sirius)? This will be a big selling point for me...