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    attach a piece of scotch tape to your SIM card

    One problem with using tape is that if you take it off again, the contacts will now be used to being pressed much more firmly and they'll no longer make good contact with the sim. I just opened up my sim card tray (zing! shot across the desk) and cleaned the contacts on my sim and blew out...
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    iredhanded sign up for the beta never have your iPhone stolen.

    Crazy! I like this. Just one thing... once you've given them that much control, whoever hacks their site could gain complete control of your phone!
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    Battery Life Poll

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    Battery Life Poll

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    Battery Life Poll

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    I accidently cleared a SMS conversation...

    I totally agree. It's way too easy to erase sms threads, especially if you're driving. Not that I'd EVER text while driving. Heh.
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    Battery Life Poll

    Thanks for taking the poll, folks! Please keep the votes coming!
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    Battery Life Poll

    If a mod happens to notice this, could you sticky this poll for a week or two so we can see what's up with the battery issues in a quantitative way?
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    Battery Life Poll

    I'm very curious what everyone is experiencing for battery life. I know that many suggestions have been made that using the iPhone for a month or so will improve the battery life drastically, but I was a very early adopter (first day) of v1 and never saw an early problem with battery life like...
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    I'm very concerned about the battery life.

    I don't remember my v1 having battery issues at first. Maybe it had shorter battery life, but after using non-stop since the first release day last year, it has never died on me even if I've forgotten to charge it for a day. I never keep track of hourly usage... what's important to me is that...
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    I just dropped my iPhone in water

    As with most electronics, my best suggestion is turn it off immediately and dry it off, and let it sit and dry by itself for at least a day before trying to turn it on or charge it.
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    The Battery is not Soldered On!

    My battery has always been good, no need to replace for me...
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    Interesting iPhone problem today

    I had that exact problem a few weeks ago. I fixed it by plugging in and unplugging my headphone cord a few times to disloge whatever was causing it to not work. I had a different problem yesterday... my headphones were plugged in and sound continued from the phone's earpiece instead. I had...
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    Genius practically laughs at me over screen issues.

    What website is that?
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    iPhone Making Other Equipment Buzz

    Even when a cell phone isn't receiving a message or call, it will regularly "handshake" with the cell system, exchanging an electronic sort of "I'm here, are you here?"
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    Is the iPhone Dead?

    I don't know how many ATT stores there are in the world that carry iPhones, but there are about 170 Apple stores. If I make a wild guess and say there are 500 ATT stores that carry the iPhone, we have 670 stores, which sold 1,000,000 phones in 90 days...
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    Jobs answers questions about iPhone pricing and other topics A taste: Q&A with Jobs: 'That's what happens in technology' It's not every day you slice the price of a popular product by one-third. But Apple CEO Steve Jobs did just that Wednesday with the iPhone. By the end of the...
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    iPhone Applecare

    A lot of my early-adopter friends are, and so am I. Apple should offer a free year or two of Applecare for ANYONE who shelled out the big bucks as early-adopters.
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    reception improvement

    I was able to get very good reception in a rural area only by connecting my iPhone to its charger. Where I couldn't get any reception at all without the charger, it lept to 3 bars with it. It's highly likely this is because of improved grounding.
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    Completely discharging battery then re-charge

    In electrical flow, electrons are the only things that move.