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    Sell me your $100 Apple credit

    I'm selling mine for $80,paypal only. If anyone wants it, e-mail me at Thanks, Phil
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    glowing battery?

    So i read somewhere that when you're battery is full it glows. Well mine doesn't. I know its full because the charge symbol turns into a plug, but the battery still stays the green color. Does anyone else have an iPhone that does this?
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    iskin revo with holster?

    i actually ordered it and am using it now. I think it works pretty well.
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    iskin revo with holster?

    sorry, i should have worded it differently. I know you only get the iskin revo when you order, i was wondering if it would be possible to put the iPhone with the iskin revo on it, into another snap case that attatches to a belt or if it would be too thick...
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    iskin revo with holster?

    My revo is gonna be here in a couple days and i was wondering if the revo skin makes the iPhone to big to fit in a holster, or snap case kinda thing. Thanks, Phil